‘Macho Man’?  ‘Metro Man’?  Modern Man?  Not sure?   No matter who you are, you will love us.

If you like natural, subtle scents, and a good clean feel, read on. If you are concerned about your food choices, you are most likely concerned about your skin nutrition. This is a good thing.  You will especially love us if you are a ‘one stop shop’ sort of guy.

You will love us if you find perfumes overwhelming and if sunscreen stings your skin.  You will love us if you have a dandruff issue, if after shaving your skin is overly irritated and you have tried so many different products.

Whether your lifestyle dictates you wear Sorrel work boots, Louis Vitton dress shoes, Converse sneakers or comfy flip-flops, feet still need nourishment.  Whether you need to shave twice a day, once or week or opt not to shave at all, you still have to make that decision and you still need product.  Some men hate to fuss in personal ablution. Yet, if you do like to browse and take your time, stay with us.  We can do that too.  It is always your choice. We offer simple, nutritious products that cover all of your needs.

We do not offer fragrances, nor do we opt for chemicals that will make all products creamy, fluffy and last forever.     We do not have hair gel that makes your hair stand up.  We do not have shaving cream per se but we have amazing soaps that men adore.   Learning to shave with good quality soap is not hard to do.  It is just different.  Your skin will say thank you.

Our new Charcoal Clay soap is a keeper.  We have written about our Guinness Irish Oatmeal Stout Soap and how wonderful that is. 

Our soaps can be ‘head to toe’ works and are time saving efficiency.  There are fewer bottles and containers to recycle.  No chemicals going down the drain to pollute our waters.   You can choose ESP, Shampoo regular and Shampoo Basic.    Choose from lights scents to none at all.

We cannot emphasize how important the Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse is.  Once a week rinse the head for sure and don’t forget to squirt a little on the face as it totally cleanses and nourishes the skin.  If you make your own hair rinse, use an organic apple cider vinegar with water (1:4).    If you opt for ours, it is ready to go, with the added bonus of rosemary, parsley and sage.

To moisturize men tend to love the X Cream but they also love our oils. 

A while back I wrote the blog about "Guys tell us why they love us.”  And they keep coming back. 









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