Guys tell us why they love us.  Here is what we heard.

You wash the hair, shave the beard and clean the body with the same shampoo/soap. Whether you like a quickie shower or a lingering one, the soap does the job. You are clean and the hair and skin feels amazing. The ESP is the favourite, but you also like the fresh clean scent of the Regular Bar. And most interesting, the Basic Bar is the creamiest.

You may not care that the Apple Cider Vinegar cleans, condition, restores the PH or adds minerals and vitamins to your skin. You just like the way it feels after and you like the results. Where did that dandruff go?

Funny that the rashes and itching have gone away. The eczema and psoriasis are kept at bay. Is it the smooth X Cream on the face, hands and elbows that does the trick? You love that cream so much, we made it in a bigger size!

You are cautious about the dangers of commercial chemical filled deodorants so you asked us to make a natural one. We made two! And you tell us they are the best natural deodorants you have ever tried. While the Bergamot is the most popular with men,, our chefs, Steph and Russ, who make it for you, love the Lemongrass. Different noses.

Some of you prefer the simplicity of the Deodorant stone. The adventurous use both, depending on the activity.

You tell us you are a mechanic, maybe as a profession, or as a hobby. The grit and the grease are part of you. You tell us you are a roofer and have constant tar under the fingernails and embedded in the callouses. You tell us you work construction and athlete’s foot can be an issue.

And then you tell us that the Neem Salve does the trick. It dissolves the grease and tar, clears the feet and softens the rough skin. You scrub hard with the Nori Neem Soap (it has the pumice sand) and then apply the salve. And a miracle happens.

Guys, you are most welcome.

BTW, gals, it works for us too.



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