natural remedy for lice neem

The following is a testimonial.  We sell neem for dry and itchy skin and have several products with this incredible oil.  However, we have many informed customers who do their own research and have discovered other benefits of this versatile plant.

"I cringe. As a mother, I always dreaded the notices from the elementary schools warning me of lice in the classroom. My thought was 'not my children', as I discarded the paper into recycling. I recall the first time our family attracted these scalp biting critters as clear as day. Growing up, I was lucky to never have had encountered this blood sucking infestation.  Decades later when I found myself scratching my head incessantly one night, I noticed my children scratching in unison. OhMyGod. NO… I searched one small head and spotted a tiny moving something-or-rather that should have NOT been there.

We used chemicals. I didn’t know what else to do! I thought of neem, and apple cider vinegar, but I panicked. I needed a fast and effective fix. My western conditioning kicked in and I ran to the pharmacy.

Our scalps burned. Our eyes watered. I did NOT research the harmful effects of lice medication. I couldn't.

It worked the first time. But to what expense, I am uncertain. Did we catch a cold due to low immunity? Did these harmful chemicals affect our health? Whatever… the critters were gone and that was the end of it.

We moved from Canada to Costa Rica. Living in the jungle comes at a price. The humidity. A perfect environment for breeding, hatching and scalp devouring. We contracted again. We used chemicals again. And then again. It wasn’t going away on one little scalp in the house. For weeks, we brushed, washed, re-washed, rinsed, combed and picked. Day after day.

I finally used NEEM. I had a Neem Body Bar (Neem Salve would have worked too) so I massaged this godsent into my son’s scalp and waited... and waited some more. Months later, they have yet to return!!

Thank you neem. I will never doubt you again."   T.S. Mal Pais, Costa