Wishing you all a Merry Holiday Season



Do I really NEED a mouthwash? Yes and no. Depending. Maybe. If you practice excellent oral care, you may not require mouthwash. But going to the dentist today is so costly we may stretch out the visits. We do need our dental checkups as most of us are not perfectionists in our dental caring. Sometimes a mouthwash can help.  

Excellent oral care means a good toothpaste…please choose carefully. Most experts do recommend flossing and if done correctly it makes sense, as it rids of the excesses that we do not want lingering about.

Reducing bad breath, lowering mouth bacteria, reducing dental plaque and cavities, avoiding cankers, maintaining a healthy portal is the desired goal for all.

Mouthwashes claim to solve these issues. There are many on the market. Some claim specifics, like controlling plaque, or dry mouth (xerostomia) or treating gingivitis. Some claim they can do it all. But careful research is necessary. Commercial mouthwashes can dry out the mouth, cause cavities, and aren’t that great at correcting bad breath either. I recently wrote an article “Our Mouth Freshener Won’t Bite Back’  which discusses the dangers of many commercial mouthwashes out there. Caution is required.

For cleansing, DIY suggestions include salt water or apple cider vinegar rinses, the chewing of fennel, dill or anise, eating more parsley, using of essential oils of lemongrass, orange, peppermint or clove,  or enjoying a cinnamon candy. It is always easy to go for the mints available on the market, but then again you need to read the label to avoid chemicals and sugars. 

Time to consider myrrh

Myrrh has a long history in oral care and if you research its benefits, you will find its antimicrobial properties have been shown to be effective in reducing gum inflammations, cankers, bad breath to name a few. 

When we made our Mouth Freshener, we wanted myrrh. The addition of peppermint, cinnamon, spearmint, lemon, clove, chlorophyll and manuka don’t hurt either. Makes a pretty special rinse. 
We sell our mouth freshener to clean and freshen. Try it. Your dentist will be sure to say, “It’s looking pretty good in there. What’s up?”  

A mouthwash that contains myrrh might be the miracle mouthwash you have been seeking your entire life. For some, it is just around the corner. Go figure. Or, if you do not live nearby, shop with us online.

Partner the Mouth Freshener with our Tooth Cleanser to truly experience nature at its best. Your mouth will love you.

Wishing you all a Merry Holiday Season