sun illustration

We all know the harmful effects of the sun. Sunburn. Heat stroke. Premature skin aging. Skin Damage. Skin disease. And of course the “Big C”.

And that’s not to mention the depletion of the ozone, increasing the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, and in turn amplifying all of the above stated disasters.

Our poor sun has gotten quite the bad rep.

But drenching ourselves in oxybenzone, retinyl palmitate and butyl-methdiebenzoylmethane doesn’t seem like the best alternative. These carcinogens release free radicals into the body, cause thyroid damage and yes… believe it or not… even cause cancer!

What about the GOOD effects of the sun?

With all this negative talk, have we forgotten about the light and beauty and love and warmth of our beloved sun? Have we forgotten how to use the sun to bring about radiant health and heal illness?

I believe we have.

Sunblock barricades our skin from generating Vitamin D in the body, essential for the health of our teeth and bones, immunity, brain aging, and yes... cancer prevention.

In Sun-can-protect-you-against-skin-cancer coconut is mentoned as a natural protectant.  Shea butter, emu oil, argan oil and incredible zinc should also be included!

Sunlight kills bad bacteria, disinfects and heals wounds, helps skin disorders, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, increases oxygen content in the body, increases growth of children, can cure depression, and this is just a few.

Perhaps we should think of ways to slowly increase our sun exposure and use natural sunscreens that allow a certain amount of sun to heal us. Ultraviolet light doesn’t have to be such a bad word.

Dr Mercola has intersting advice on how to slowly and safely increase your sun exposure... Ways-to-naturally-avoid-sunburn

Use your best judgment and make sure not to over do it.


omg, I have been scared of the sun, and drench myself in sunscreen all the time. I am going to do more research, thank you.

I have been using your Zinc Oxide lotion since last summer, and it works amazing. It even works on my pale children's skin. You just need to remember to re-apply often, but it's worth it. Thank you Earth to Body!