Shake hands with a gardener, a mechanic, a landscaper and you may feel a roughness of their hard work. Admirable. 

But perhaps, for them, uncomfortable at times. The answer might be using pumice sand to exfoliate away the dead skin cells, returning the skin to a more normal texture. Our hands are our tools and they work best in good condition. 

Pumice is a light-coloured sand of volcanic rock, or highly vesicular rough-textured volcanic glass. But unlike glass, pumice is soft and a gentle abrasive. The pumice stone itself can actually float on water since vesicular means that gas bubbles are trapped in the rock. When waterlogged, it will sink.

Pumice sand is the stone’s s powdered or dust form and is what we use in our nori neem soap.  The sand exfoliates and helps to smooth the top layer of the skin cells.  As the sand works best on damp skin, a soap is an ideal medium.

Our nori neem soap is one such kind. Containing nutrition like coconut, shea, castor oil, nori seaweed and the incredible neem, the pumice sand enhances its cleansing and exfoliating properties. And neem? It takes care of everything the skin needs.

Imagine a roofer after a hard day at work desperate to clean the debris and tar off his hands?  Or a mechanic, soiled in the car engine’s grease and grime? Or a potter who has been kneading clay all day? Using the chemical cleansers available for tough jobs like this are available, but they do take a toll on the skin.  

Instead, offer him or her our nori neem soap to initiate the process. After cleansing, applying our neem salve is the pièce de résistance .  

Pumice and neem…the perfect partnership.