“I have to be careful what touches my skin.  I am so sensitive.”

 I hear this lament fairly often.  If this is a song you sing, you may actually be the lucky one.   Yes, it may be frustrating that every cream or lotion you try is irritating.   Every time you apply a sunscreen your skin screams.  Every time you try the soaps in commercial places your hands rebel.  Perhaps you have inherited this tendency from poor Aunt Nona who forever complained.  Perhaps your father always suffered with eczema, like you do now, and you figure it is in your DNA and there is little you can do.  It is true, our ancestors do dictate so much of whom we are.  True.  But so does our environment.   Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, sometimes so fast we cannot keep up.  The food revolution is real. What we are eating today was not what grandma ate.   What cosmetics we apply differ greatly form the once homemade skin solutions.  Coconut, avocado, tea leaves and maybe, depending on what your environment provided,  bear fat.

 So what is your skin trying to tell you? 

Most of us can wear a chemically laden product and feel no immediate reaction.  We may end up feeling drier than we should, but it happens so often, we think of it as normal.  We may blame it on the weather rather than the Formaldehyde or the Benzoyl Peroxide in the cream.  We may not associate the fragrances and preservatives as the dry and irritating factor.  We may simply apply more because we think we had not applied enough.  Those of you more 'sensitive' cannot wear the commercial products as your skin reacts immediately.  The warning bells make the connection for you.  This is a good thing.  You learn to be careful.  But at the same time it is difficult to find product that you CAN wear.  Besides applying the actual food to your skin (and I advise this as a wonderful solution for all skin), you must read labels carefully.  The trick is to look for a simple ingredient listing that you can understand.

Look for just one healthy ingredient.  Like Argan oil. Pure, unadulterated 100% goodness.  

Or just three ingredients as found in our Castile Moringa soap.   Organic olive oil, coconut and moringa powder.  We call it ‘our soap with nothing that does everything'. 

There are natural solutions for all of us.  Whether you place yourself in the 'sensitive' category or not, your skin is affected by whatever you choose to ‘feed’ it.  Simple solutions are often the best solutions.  We have suggestions for all skin issues.  Next time you are at the grocery store, browsing among the fresh fruits and vegetables, ask yourself,  “Could I wear this on my skin?”  Chances are we have done it for you, in our creams, lotions, soaps, and oils. 






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