You have a small jar of Earth to Body Tooth Cleanser sitting in front of you.  You wonder why it is not in a tube?  With the small black spatula you remove a pea size portion of the paste, as instructed on the label. You insert it into your mouth, allowing it to swooch around and acclimatize. Then you grab your toothbrush and go to town.True. It is a little gritty. True. It is green. True. It makes the sink messy. But the taste is OK. 

You are not finished. Now you reach for the for the Manuka Mouth Freshner which just may become your BFF. Wow. Your teeth, your mouth, the portal to your entire body and eventually, your dentist, will be more than impressed.  

The Oral Care Confusion

Should I floss? Or no floss?
Water Pik or not?
What type of brush should I use?
Do I need mouthwash?
Which toothpaste is best?

Trying to find truthful information on the best healthiest oral care is not an easy task. What and whom to believe?  Confusion reigns.

Flossing can be an excellent form of oral care IF DONE PROPERLY and a good natural floss is used. Most of us are amateur flossers and this can be harmful to the gums. Learn how to floss properly. The water pik could be a good idea to consider. 

Toothpastes and mouthwashes are a whole other story.  Most commercial brands contain the undesirables. You do NOT want to go there.

We try to make it simple by offering 2 healthy options. The nutritious side. The paste. The wash. The rest is up to you. But whatever you decide choose natural.