eczema natural remedy cure psoriasis

“Why Do My Hands Crack and Bleed?” 

We admit the answer is complicated: Your DNA, climate, environment, food intake, and whatever touches your skin. Might be a form of eczema of which there is no known cure.

It is often advised: “With eczema on your hands, use cortisone and unscented soap.”

For itchy skins
Even though we know it thins
Use Steroid cream sparingly
Along with Soap Unscented’”

The advice is to use the steroid cream sparingly. But what about the ‘soap unscented’?

Unscented soap means free of synthetic fragrance. Using a soap without fragrance is wise.  What they do not tell you is that the unscented commercial soap contains ingredients that do absolutely nothing beneficial for the skin and are often irritating. If your skin is already tender, why would you want to add parabens, triclosan, sulphates, ureas,1,4 dioxane, formaldehyde, phthalates, toluene.

We, at Earth to Body, have an alternative recommendation, one which has produced phenomenal testimonials.

To stop hands cracking and bleeding, ask Joe.

“Suffering from eczema on my fingers for over a year. Skin was severely cracking, flaking, horrible patches. Tried many natural products (unrefined shea butter, aloe, coconut oil, beeswax). Sadly, nothing was working. Been using Earth to Body “x cream & shampoo bar ESP” for 2 weeks. The improvement is unbelievable, it’s 80% better. Also, been applying apple cider vinegar diluted with water, as you recommended. Cannot thank you enough. It’s healed so much in such a short period of time. Will continue using it & will buy more of your products. I’ve sent your web link to friends, who also suffer from eczema.” Joe C.

Follow Joe’s advice

1. No commercial soaps. Use only natural homemade, head to toe.  
2. No commercial lotions or creams and avoid prescriptions if possible.  They may ease, but they also camouflage the underlying issues.
3. Allow only good nutrition to touch your skin.  

To cleanse: Buy natural soaps, preferably handmade by soap crafters. Visit local farms.  Go to craft shows.  Ask for a soap without synthetic fragrance and unnatural dyes.  Buy from us.

To moisturize:  Try what Joe did. He was on the right track using unrefined shea, coconut etc. Try Health Food Stores. Initially, Joe had not connected the SOAP to his problem. Then he met us. Once he combined the natural soap and the nurturing X cream, he saw results.  Our X Cream is most popular. Also recommended: Neem Salve, Unrefined Emu Oil, pure Argan Oil, Sheamu or Shargan Butter, Moisturizing LotionSpoil Me Body Oil.

To cleanse further, disinfect and normalize the skin: Make your own rinse: An organic apple cider vinegar and water ratio 1:3 or 1:4 restores your PH to normal. Stops itching, dryness.  Or even better, try our Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse with the added nutrients.

This advice covers all forms of eczema, psoriasis prone skin where the goal is to soothe and improve the condition. As with all our products, we make no claims to curing or healing as no one can do that.

We have a new package available, selling the combo: The ESP Shampoo/Soap bar, the X Cream and the Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse: The ‘X Package’.

Visit our shop and you might catch our chefs in action. If not actually preparing the products, they will still be happy to advise.