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As we all try and do our part in reducing waste, we simultaneously begin to look at how consumption is affecting our health. We become aware of what we eat, use and eliminate down the drain and into our garbage and recycle bins. Our skin improves with the decrease in chemicals and our environment throws their branches up in a cheer for a cleaner world.

Since we started making shampoo bars, (basic, esp, regular) many years ago, you have given us wonderful feedback on how they lather, how they make our hair clean and fresh and how your scalp is happier and healthier. The pesky eczema on your foot has miraculously vanished. No coincidence that toxic suds are replaced with nutrition to tickle your skin as you rinse. Charcoal Clay Soap and Irish Stout Oatmeal Soap have become popular among shampoo bar lovers.

And more recently, we have been hearing your excitement about how little waste they produce! Not to mention the fact that our shampoo bars contain no harmful chemicals that end up polluting our waters and environment. A tiny piece of paper and a sticker are left. We round that off to "zero" in the large scheme of things.

No plastic bottles. No liquid chemicals. Beautiful lather. Clean and happy hair and scalp. What's not to love?

Our Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse is the shampoo bar's sister product. She naturally rinses the residue buildup, leaving your scalp hydrated and your hair soft. We recommend using her no more than once a week. Feel free to create your own with 1/2 water, 1/4 ACV and your favourite essential oil. See Essential Oils.

Our secret to a long lasting shampoo bar is to cut it in half. Rub the bar on your wet head and lather/rinse as usual. It takes time to get used to any change, but once it becomes routine, your hair, scalp, skin, drainage and recycle bin will shine with pleasure in response to your mini revolution.


Are you aware coconut oil may lead to hair breakage? It locks onto the hair shaft and sure it keeps moisture in but it also keeps any further moisture out. I use ACV regularly. For decades, I am a firm proponent in its many uses. As well as the wonders of honeys. Emu oil is now a staple. I’m so glad to find your unrefined emu oil. I ask if you can look into the coconut oil in your hair products. I’d love to know what you find, if you have time. I feel you go great lengths to offer the best and most effective products on earth. I offer my insight only after my own scientific medical, dermatological, and trichological journal research. Thank you.

Kari,Thank you for you kind comments about our products. There will
always be discussion, pros and cons, about any ingredient, whether natural or not.  Coconut has been the subject of bashing since the 50’s, when a huge competitive market emerged.  Part of our research, like yours, does include the medical, dermatological and trichological reviews on coconut.  It can be confusing. We do look at the extraordinary nutritional value of coconut. We listen to those who have survived on coconut successfully for centuries, both consuming, wearing it on their skin and treating their hair and scalp. If you read these two articles I wrote,  it may help shed some light as to why we love coconut and will continue to use it, most confidently, in our hair and skin products.  Thank you for writing, Kari and I hope this helps to ally any fears about using this miracle fruit.