7 amazing Earth to Body products with calendula

You may know calendula as marigold, the ‘herb’ of the sun.  The Romans apparently named calendula in the 12th century observing that the flower bloomed on the first day of each month (calends). This lovely yellow/orange blossom was a symbol of happiness and used regularly in cooking and healing medicines. Full of antioxidants, this flower contains the miracle anti-inflammatory, antibacterial healing properties we so desire.

Why we add calendula to our skin care products

Baby salve: Calendula is renowned for soothing diaper rash. How sweet is that!  (beware of commercial baby calendula creams that most likely contain way too much formaldehyde.  Baby may love the marigold aspect, but may react to the formaldehyde,

3 face creams (Argan Tamanu and Skin Care Moisturizer) Calendula is excellent in reducing dryness, chapped skin, soreness

Nori Neem Soap: Calendula accents this soap for its natural anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. Gardeners, athletes, people who seek an exfoliating soap love ours.  Calendula is one of the hidden treasures.

X cream: A best seller. Perhaps it is the calendula that soared it to success. Calendula is only one of carefully chosen ingredients to help with that particular SPOT or AREA that ignites a ‘skin problem’. Testimonials confirm our X cream for eczema, psoriasis, redness, and itchiness. Even on eyelids that are driving you crazy. 

Moisturizing Lotion: If you want to treat the entire body, calendula needs to be a part of the team.

Next time you see a marigold, silently thank it, not only for its calming beauty,
but also for its donation to keeping our skin alive and healthy.  


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