Happy Father’s Day, Dad. It has been over 30 years since I have been able to hug you in person, but I do so spiritually.  I remember your wise presence, your subtle sense of humor, your lessons, your guidance and your respect. I came across this wonderful story 'Father's Love' and I thought of you.  Always the teacher.

An 80 year old man was sitting on the sofa in his house along with his 45 year’s old highly educated son.
Suddenly a crow perched on their window.
The Father asked his Son, “What is this?”
The Son replied “It is a crow”.
After a few minutes, the Father asked his Son the 2nd time, “What is this?”
The Son said “Father, I have just now told you “It’s a crow”.
After a little while, the old Father again asked his Son the 3rd time,
What is this?”
At this time some expression of irritation was felt in the Son’s tone when he said to his Father with a rebuff. “It’s a crow, a crow, a crow”.
A little after, the Father again asked his Son the 4th time, “What is this?”
This time the Son shouted at his Father, “Why do you keep asking me the same question again and again, although I have told you so many times ‘IT IS A CROW’.
Are you not able to understand this?”
A little later the Father went to his room and came back with an old tattered diary, which he had maintained since his Son was born. On opening a page, he asked his Son to read that page. When the son read it, the following words were written in the diary: -
“Today my little son aged three was sitting with me on the sofa, when a crow was sitting on the window. My Son asked me 23 times what it was, and I replied to him all 23 times that it was a Crow. I hugged him lovingly each time he asked me the same question again and again for 23 times.


Lesson learned, father. 

Earth to Body wishes all fathers, grandfathers, brothers, sons, uncles, father figures
who have taught us, loved us and been there for us, an amazing Father's Day

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