Good things come in small packages. Ask the teen who did not mind hiding behind her mandated mask because she was self-conscious of her skin. Ask the middle-aged librarian who was once embarrassed to serve the public.  Both discovered the Skin Manager. They no longer always opt to hide their smiles.

Magically, the Skin Manager helps keep the skin healthy, smooth and clear. Our blend contains unrefined emu oil and Canada’s own magical Black Spruce essential oil.

Let’s look at Black Spruce. 

Canada is proud to grow Black Spruce. Known as Picea Mariana in the Botany world, black spruce is native to all 10 provinces and 3 arctic territories.  While it may not be known as the most splendorous of conifers, what it may lack in beauty, it makes up for in healing properties.

Ask our indigenous  peoples today…

‘We would remove some of the resin from the tree. Not all, because resin heals the tree. We would apply a poultice of the inner bark of the spruce tree to ease inflammations.  The tree resin made into a salve or poultice with oil would be used on sores, wounds, burns, rashes, scabies.’  

We thank our indigenous peoples for sharing their knowledge about the Black Spruce tree. They have done all the work. They know the recipes, the decoctions, what part of the tree, whether to source from the south side, the twig, the root, or the cone. 

While we are not involved in the harvesting of the oil, we do source a pure and therapeutic quality Black Spruce for our blend.  Right here in Canada.

We add it to our unsurpassed unrefined emu oil and along with St John’s Wort, hemp and  patchouli have created a concoction you will love.  Just a little bit does the job. 

Along with the good stuff in the small bottle called Skin Manager, we sell an entire package to complement each other. Emu Neem Soap, the pure Unrefined Emu Oil and the Clay Neem. 

The combo is called our Skin Management Program   It’s good for all of us.