While donning our cool weather wear and warming up in wools, we may also be thinking about the coming holiday season. And gift giving. Perhaps a felted soap, homemade in a coat of Merino or Alpaca wool.

Merino comes from the Merino sheep and Alpaca from the Alpaca. Alpaca may be slightly softer, while Merino may perhaps be slightly sturdier, but their properties are very similar. Both are renowned for their exquisite features and are considered among the best wools in the world.

Consider a felted soap gift for yourself, family, friend, partner. Felt is unconditional love. It gives back. Environmentally friendly, resilient, strong, clean and good for us. Wool is one of the most beautiful natural fibers. It is healing, antibacterial, antimicrobial, stain resistant, easy care, durable. What could be a more perfect and healthy cleansing solution in these times.

Remnants of felt date back at least over 6500 years BC. Stories tell of traveler’s packing their sandals with wool fibers to help prevent painful blisters. By the journey’s end, they were wearing felted socks! It is said that Noah's Ark was lined with fleece and the combination of urine and the trampling animals left behind a felted wool carpet. But no worries. We use just water and it works well as the moisture.

We offer only the natural coloured wools as we do not wish to use synthetic dyes. The hues are the browns, beiges, greys, silvers and blacks of sheep or alpaca. We do not synthetically 'perfume’ any of our soaps. Our Merino Castile Coral has a slight essential oil of lime.  The Alpaca Moringa has no scent at all.  Both soaps are gentle, effective and appeal to all ages. Many of you are doing work projects while on Staycay and will benefit from the cleansing exfoliating properties of a felted soap. While always a great travel companion, our felts have become a trusted Staycay Buddy. 

Select a natural soapstone dish to accompany the soap. A perfect match: Soap and Stone.

Felt Soap Uses:

* A soap and washcloth in one
* A gentle exfoliant and scrub for your skin
* Natural anti-microbial properties from the wool

Our felted soaps are not slippery. They are easy to hold in the bath or shower. The longevity of the soap is two to three times greater with the wool felting, although the soap may feel slightly soft when wet due to the fact that there are NO chemical hardeners in our soap. Select a natural soapstone dish to accompany the soap. A perfect match: Soap and Stone

And when the last soap bubble disappears, the felt...

* makes a perfect cleaning pad for the bathroom (especially in the sink after brushing your teeth with our Tooth Cleanser)
* can be used as a drawer freshener. Just add your favourite essential oil to the inside pocket felt.
* is compostable if you wish to dispose of it back to nature.

Soap in a coat to cozy up the skin.