When you completed your bathroom ablutions today, did you use deodorant? Toothpaste? Mouthwash? Did your routine involve soap? Body wash?  Facial wipes? Shaving cream?  Perhaps your baby or grandchild was nearby, comfortably Zen with a teething ring?

Toxic invisible Triclosan may have been in any one or all of these products.

Triclosan, the super anti-bacterial whitish crystalline powder is often added to skin care. It is a synthetic chemical, first introduced in the 70’s for hospital use to keep medical instruments sterile. But then its use spread.

Triclosan itself can weaken our immune system and cause hormone disruptions.

Federal USA in 2017 declared TRICLOSAN as toxic. It has been banned in hand and body soaps. In USA. Sadly, not in Canada. Not even banned in our babies’ teething rings. The products banned in the USA in 2017 may well have already found their way onto our Canadian shelves. Why does Canada not care?

Triclosan has been linked to breast cancer and liver cancer.

Today Colgate is the only toothpaste sold in the USA that contains Triclosan. If you use Colgate, consider a change. Buy a new toothbrush too, as Triclosan accumulates in the brush.

Tricolsan can cause eye, lung and eye irritation.

Beware of all those antibacterial goos constantly bombarding us in airports, banks, hospital, restaurants. Beware also of Triclosan in kitchen soaps, kitchenware, clothing, baby teething rings, toys and more.

Young children exposed risk the development of allergies, asthma and eczema.

Triclosan’s chemical name: 5-Chloro-2-(2,4- dichlorophenoxy)phenol.The name Triclosan should be on a label if it is present.  But companies can be clever. Other names include: Ultra-Fresh, Irgasan, Irgacare, Viv-20, and Microban. 

Start reading labels. We may not be able to control whether Canada bans it or not, but we do have the right to choose NOT to buy a product that poisons. Remember, that when you see Ultra or Ultra-fresh, you will probably find Triclosan, or its alias on the label. 

There are other ways to be clean, to wash, to shave. Naturally. Did you know that studies have shown that a good scrub with real soap (true, handmade, pure) and water is just as antibacterial as Triclosan?  And of course, good for you. 

Do start looking out for the tragically toxic ingredient TRICLOSAN that should have been banned long ago. Then say no.

Look for Natural Alternatives: Lemongrass Anti-Odour Bar, Tooth Cleanser, Manuka Mouth Freshener, Shampoo Bars