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February, you are not always a sunny month here in the north. We need the sun on our skin. 

Let’s join the airport lineups to sunny destinations and be a chameleon.  Lose the mittens, scarves and winter boots.  Stuff them into the luggage side pockets …quickly, before your luggage is whisked to the bowels of the plane. Don the sunglasses, the sandals and the Hawaiian shirt. Inventory for the hundredth time the passports, the camera and scuba fins jutting from carry-ons. Adjust the sunhat.  Revel in the buzz about the resort destination, weather reports. Dream of the margarita and pina colada’s and island music.  The golf, the tours, the zen.

Is it Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican, St Martens, Costa?  Any place where the sun shines to heal our souls is good for us. 

If you are fortunate to have lots of melanin in your skin to help protect you from the strong rays, then you should not be overly worried (but don’t be foolish) about sunburn.  If your skin is lily white, BEWARE. Most of us have experienced sunburn.  Not a pleasant experience. By now, most of us know our limitations.  Your children do not, so it is up to you to teach them.

A loyal customer called me last week, excited about her trip to Bermuda.

Please tell me what I should bring with me in skin care because I do NOT want to use the chemical products on the market.

"Use the zinc oxide when you are in the sun. Every morning apply emu or argan oil (mixed with tamanu is even better).  The butters ( Sheamu and Shargan) are wonderful and can be applied anytime, but are especially nourishing after a cleansing bath or shower.   I also suggested our revitalizing eye oil blend.   People LOVE it all over the face, not just around the eyes.  And the SPF of these products is good. Moisturizing and protecting."

Do not travel anywhere without the neem salve and or the neembodybar. Essential in case it is the season for no-see-ums, bug bites, etc. 

We are not permitted to list any SPF factors but our customers look them up. They tell us that tamanu is an 18, emu is an 8, carrot is near 40.  OILS do contain SPF factors and can help against extreme weathers.  And of course, good old ZINC, the block.

For additional info refer to Screen the Sunscreen


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