Moisturizing your dry itchy skin should be a delightful experience.  It usually is not.  You may have some temporary relief from the prescribed cream, but the issue does not go away.  You have decided cortisone may NOT be the best option, but you are desperate and do not know where to turn or what to do.

We have some suggestions for you. Your skin can cease feeling uncomfortable.  It should feel amazing. All you have to do is be chemical free and you can feel the difference after even one shower or bath. It may not always be perfect for we know climate, food, environment, medications etc. affect us all.  But there are things we can do.

Start with a good soap

The soap is vital. It is where you have to start.  We have many blogs on soaps and you can always refer to our website.  Enough to say, it is best to use a homemade, natural soap bar all over.  

After Cleansing: Moisturize

We offer amazing butters, creams and salves.The key is purity.  Nothing is added to our products that can aggravate an already existing problem, like dryness, itchiness, rashes.  No hidden formaldehyde to pollute the body and dry you out.

X Cream: The beeswax base offers a smooth texture making the cream a little thicker than our usual face cream.  Our customers love this cream on dry, itchy skin and report testimonials galore on soothing eczema and psoriasis prone skin. It can be used all over.

Sheamu Butter: A blend of our unrefined organic shea straight from a co-op in Burkina Faso blended with Australian unrefined emu oil.  A gourmet delight on the skin, all over.  A butter may take a few extra minutes to absorb but this 100% natural blend plays wonders on the skin.  Not only moisturizing but soothing and relieving for many many skin conditions.

Zinc Oxide Blend:  We have reviewed the importance of zinc many times in the past.  See Less Pink with Zinc. From soothing baby diaper rash to protecting against harsh weathers, zinc is a natural go to for skin care.  Our blend will not stay white.  It can be massaged gently into the skin.

Neem Salve:  Never travel or be without your neem.  We generally recommend neem as a ‘spot soother’ for many issues, rather than all over body blend.  But no problem in covering larger areas, like the entire foot, should need by. This miracle tree oil from India is a ‘10’ in natural skin care.  Our customers use it on any skin problem that seems unsolvable. 

Shargan Butter: A vegan alternative to the Sheamu.   Creamy, silky nourishing and delightful. Yes, you need to massage it in.  It is a butter so it takes a little work, depending on the room temperature, etc.

Read the testimonials on each of the products to learn what amazing solutions our customers experienced.  You may find a product that you might wish to try for your situation.  You can always visit our shop, go online or call us with any questions.

The utensils used in the photo do conjure images of meal time.  While we do not sell our products for actual consumption, it is not an outrageous thought.  After all, most of the ingredients are enjoyed for consumption daily in many parts of the world.  Let your skin tell you how pleased it is to devour such delights.