Perfect, natural oils can transform your skin.They are becoming the rage in our cosmetic world. In the past, they were touted as a no-no.  The reverting back to natural.
When synthetics hit the market, synthetic oils became part of the package.  Minerals oils are comedogenic meaning they can clog and block the pores. Not a good thing.
When we believed the adage “Don’t wear oils on your skin’, we tossed all oils, opting for the creams and other blends being offered on the market. MOSTLY SYNTHETIC. 

But now we understand that natural oils do not clog the pores. 

Oils contain fatty acids

A healthy facial and body oil can restore lost fatty acids to help rehydrate and protect the skin.  It is often recommended to use an oil and then a moisturizer, the later containing the necessary water missing in an oil.  Both are needed by the skin.  

Oils do lubricate and nourish. To hydrate, an all-natural toner is an excellent option, especially if you do not wish to use other moisturizers or serums. Our facial toner contains organic rosewater. Wash. Spritz. Oil.

If you like to further treat the skin, a good moisturizer can work. But, beware, if you use a beautiful oil like emu or argan on the skin, and then apply a chemical laden moisturizer, you have reintroduced once again the chemicals that you are wanting to avoid. It is difficult to find a natural cream on the commercial market, because when the mix is an oil and water, it can go ‘bad' faster than a pure oil, so strong preservatives are often used. Imagine keeping a face cream on your dresser for months on end, even years. Now that is scary.

A naturally handmade cream, like ours, is best refrigerated or used up with a few months. Use daily.  Eg: Skin Care Moisturizer, Argan Moisturizer, Tamanu Cream.  All contain pure, unrefined oils.

Oils for oily skin

Do not be afraid of the word ‘oil’ even if your skin is oily.  Argan is a light oil and a good choice.  You might also like rosehip.  Our Revitalizing Eye Oil contains rosehip, camellia, argan, sea buckthorn and carrot which is amazing on all skins, but especially light if you tend to have oily skin. People love it around the eye area, but have discovered its use all over the face. 

For acne prone skin

A common solution is to ‘dry out the acne’ but this is not the way to go.  Acne prone skin has an off balance of water to oil ratio. We have an amazing blend in our Skin Manager (Emu, Black Spruce, St John’s Wort) which people love on their skin. 

Cleanse properly first

It makes no sense to choose a good oil for the skin and then contaminate the skin with a poor soap choice. Make sure your cleansing method is as wise as your oil choice. For example, emu oil and argan oil contain omega fatty acids and are excellent choices on the skin.  You might also like to buy jojoba, kukui, or moringa which can be purchased at a health food store.  But clean first with natural, homemade soaps (without dyes and fragrances) to complement your wise oil choice. Oils can of course be applied all over the body. We made a unique blend that includes marula:  Spoil Me Body Oil

Experiment to see what is good for your skin type. Whether you are dry, normal or a combo, good, healthy, pure unrefined oils can transform the skin. Simple and extraordinary.