all natural halloween makeup removal

Halloween is just around the corner.  Let the fun begin.  Surveys show that for many, Halloween is a favourite time of the year and if you google why you will find the answers.

We can be gluttons.
We can decorate our homes for fun and inexpensively. 
We can let our kids talk to strangers.  Within earshot of course.
We can listen to music favs like, Monster Mash, Ghostbusters’s, Thriller.
We can revisit movies like Psycho, The Exorcist, The Omen
We can party without fear…by morphing into whomever we like.  Outside the box. 
We can win Best Costume. 
We can carve a pumpkin, gorge on candy and revel in an alien world.
Farmers get to sell their pumpkins.

What does all this have to do with natural skin care?  Well, if you do take part in this October metamorphosis, quite likely a face transformation will be a part of the act.  No matter your age.

Beards, Blood, Eye lashes and Eye liners, Mascara, Moles, Scars, and Slashes.
Creams, Grease, Glitter and Goop.  Voila.  The New You.

However, when the ghosts and goblins have been put to bed, when the party’s over, you will need to remove this face and return to sanity.  Or perhaps back to insanity.  Depending on your point of view.  This is where we enter the scene. The makeup needs to be cleaned off.  You are wise to do this naturally, as the makeup most likely contained toxins that now must be removed.  Do not add to the pollution by using mineral oil, commercial makeup removers, baby wipes or other such products full of chemicals and harmful ingredients. You need to renourish your skin.  At Earth to Body we have perfect solutions.

1. Any and all of our soaps work wonders, but we might suggest our shampoo/ soap bars.   The basic, regular or ESP can be used over the entire head and will remove any hair goo and face makeup.  Once clean, the Apple Cider vinegar rinse not only adds to the cleanliness, but also restores the PH balance.  Your hair and skin will love you.

2. If you really have your makeup glued on, you may wish to use a good oil before soaping, to give the cleaning process a head start. Argan oil is nutritious and affordable.
Use a cotton swab dipped in the oil to remove the initial excess gobs, and then wash with warm soap and water. If you do not have our wonderful argan oil, use coconut oil from your kitchen.  If you do not have coconut oil (you should be eating it daily), use olive oil.  But no baby/mineral oil please.  It is a synthetic, derived from petroleum and not good on the skin.

3. Some people also use a cotton swab dipped in milk.  Coconut or organic cow's milk preferably. 

4. Another excellent soap would be our Charcoal Clay Soap made with Tulsi and castor oil.  There are no essential oils in this soap so if you are extremely sensitive it is an excellent choice. Outstanding cleansing properties, disinfecting, deep cleaning, pure. Can be used as a shampoo too.

Do not be afraid of these real soaps.  We hand make our soaps with pure oils that clean and nourish your skin.  Many commercial soaps out there should not even be called soaps, in the true sense of the word.  They contain large amounts of alcohol and formaldehyde that dry out the skin.

5. Our Clay Neem facial is also an excellent way to remove makeup.  It will deep cleanse your skin, removing toxins that have embedded.  Make the clay facial as instructed, spritz with our Facial Toner to soften it, wipe clean, use one of our soaps and then tone again.  This time the facial toner can stay on!  Then moisturize with any of our creams or lotions to add back the oils so you will not be too dry.  Those of you who have very oily skin may not always need this last stage. If you do not have our clay neem facial handy, make your own mix of a little honey and baking soda.  This can remove makeup too.

Have some more fun.   Put a smile back onto your skin. Clean naturally.









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