Rooibus, Nori, Sea Salt, Almond, Shea, Rosehip are just a few of the nutritious ingredients we use to feed the skin.

Did you know the Rooibus leaf, called red bush, is a nutritious tea popular in South Africa?  Besides its miraculous properties when sipped, it also has many benefits on the skin, especially when the skin is irritated or troubled. Rooibus contains alpha-hydroxy acids ( a rare find in nature) and zinc that encourage healthy skin.  That is why we added rooibos tea to our argan foot cream. Our Argan Neem Foot Cream is a mélange of goodness.

Create an amazing facial with our Clay-Neem and instead of water, use rooibos tea.  Sip the tea and treat yourself to a unique facial at the same time. 

Nori seaweed is a healthy addition to our Nori Neem soap.  A natural antibiotic, high in proteins, iron, phosphorus, minerals and vitamins, nori enhances this soap recipe.  Ideal for all skins, especially on inflamed or irritated, nori contributes to not only exfoliating, but also nourishing.

REAL sea salt is unsurpassed in its mineral content.  We use sea salt in Dead Sea Salt Spa, Manitouka Scrub and Tooth Cleanser.  Pure salts are renowned for their therapeutic and healing properties.  A massage therapist friend of mine made his own sea salt heat packs that can be warmed in the oven. The fireproof fabric makes it safe to heat in a 500-degree oven (if, like me, you prefer this to a microwave).  Once heated, we return it to its fabric sleeve and viola, a heat pad to reduce any inflammation or other physical injury.  Sea Salts are miraculous and should be a part of everyone’s skin care regime. 

Good ole almonds. Our sweet almond carrier oil graces several products as it is soothing, lubricating, softening, revitalizing, nourishing and is a fav of massage therapists. Our products that contain this nutritious oil include our Argan Lip Balm, Emu Lip Balm, Dead Sea Salt, Argan Moisturizer, Moisturizing Lotion, Shampoo Bar Regular, Shampoo Bar Basic, ESP bar, Skin Care Moisturizer, Spoil Me Body Oil and Tamanu Cream. We do have many products without sweet almond in case a person has a nut allergy.

How fortunate for us to know the young woman who worked at the Burkina Faso co-op and offered us the best shea butter in the world. Fair trade and unrefined (meaning pure and delicious in its nutritional content).  Most shea butters in commercial products are white, creamy, fluffy, no scent and so refined the nutrition is highly lacking. To experience the real shea, try our Sheamu Butter and our Shargan Butter. Soothing.  Rejuvenating. Gourmet.

Organic Rosehip oil was a number one choice for our Revitalizing Eye Oil.  Along with carrot, sea buckthorn, camellia and argan, the rosehip not only helps to reduce appearance of fine lines, but also counters the drying effects of the sun, soothing dry and weathered skin.

These are just a few of the gems we use in our delectable skin care products. There is no getting around it.  Good food requires wise shopping. And you, wise consumer, benefit:)