all natural skin care travel kit

If you're anything like me, packing for a trip requires making lists, strategic planning, packing and unpacking and re-packing a few (million) times. I always end up either bringing too much or not enough. It's difficult to know what you will need while travelling and what you can do without. In the end, I have decided it's better to have more than enough than finding yourself sans shampoo or an extra pair of clean undies... but bringing too much stuff just means lugging around a huge bag which is also a nuisance. I have yet to perfect my wardrobe choice, but my cosmetic case is light and makes up for the 19 outfits I never wear.

We've devised the perfect small care skin and hair care collection that incorporates products with more than one function. Whether you're travelling or trying to live with less at home, these products will unclutter your skin/hair care regime.

Must Have's

A Shampoo Bar

Used as soapshampoo and shaving soap, in lieu of a cream.

Emu Oil

Use as nighttime moisturizer, all in one "Emergency Kit". 
Customers also cite many testimonials as
anti-bacterial, cuts and wounds, and an anti-inflammatory rub for aches and pains.

Argan Oil

Daily moisturizer, hair conditioner, nail strengthener

Tooth Cleanser & Deodorant Bar


Other Options

Neem Salve or Neem Body Bar

We sell these 2 amazing products with neem to soothe and nourish the skin.
Neem itself is renowned as a bug repellent, bug bite relief, lice treatment, fungus treatment. 

Zinc Oxide

Any mixture with over 20% zinc has a sun block of 25-30.  We followed that rule.
Although we cannot make claims on sunblock, our blend is excellent against weather elements and customers use it for protection.  Also soothes sunburns, itchy skin and moisturizes 

Tamanu Oil

SPF factor 18, anti-aging, age spots, rosacea, cold sores, moisturizer, anti-bacterial