all natural skin care argan oil

I am traveling down the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica with my family and am running out of supplies. We are attempting the impossible; moving to paradise. Apparently the third world costs a fortune. We have been discovering the increasing tourist prices and the decaying Canadian dollar to USD. Transplanting your family on a limited budget is a challenge, especially when you are accustomed to living a certain lifestyle.

Living amongst the ants, mosquitos and occasional tarantula has required acclimatizing, but running low on essentials is barbaric!

My Earth to Body travel package is running on Tico time, therefore I am appreciating, savoring and rationing my diminishing stock. Health food store are far and between and prices are not local friendly. I can't imagine using anything other than Earth to Body.

Zinc Oxide has been our savior for sun protection and skin rejuvenation. Emu Oil has been a God Sent for sunburn (when we don’t apply enough zinc!), rashes and scrapes. Neem Salve has been lathered on rashes, cuts and bits.

I am down to my last bar of soap. Living in the saltwater ocean is cleaning enough, and cold water showers (see cold water shower blog) afterwards feels pretty good! I have trained my locks to need less lather to preserve my Shampoo Bar.

After my cold water shower, sans Nori Soap, sans Emu Neem Soap or Shampoo Bar, I apply Argan Oil to my face and feel like a queen! The smell, the texture, the decadence.  All I can say is that…

Argan Oil is my divine luxury!