Halifax, NS

I am so sensitive to all scents. I know your company does not use any synthetic fragrances but I sensitive to everything. Thank you for making this totally scent free shampoo bar. It lathers beautifully and feels silky on my skin. I love it”

Lise, Toronto ON

I decided to give this a try when I saw it at the one of a kind show in Toronto. I used to think I had dandruff but after just one wash with this shampoo my problems were gone. Makes me wonder if the shampoos were actually leaving a residue! After using this shampoo my hair feels cleaner than with any other product. I also love how great my skin feels after using it for shaving and washing as well. It's versatility and bar consistency has made it great for traveling! What a great product!

What a heartfelt testimonial. Thank you, Lise.

Mihaela Cristina

Really loved this shampoo bar, I have very thick and long hair... gets oily in the summer and dry in winter. I felt like it cleansed really well, had a moisturizing feel to it too so it did not overdry my hair. And definetly no residue in this soap. I will be trying more products from you, it was nice to see you at the Studio Fair in Prince George and glad I discovered your store.

Thank you, Mihaela.
A wonderful testimonial. So glad you liked it.

Margaret E Short

I have been using the shampoo for some time now and love it. It leaves my hair with a shine and looking healthy.

That's the goal! Thank you so much for writing, Margaret.