T. Martin, Toronto, ON

Finally, a product that has cleared up a acne problem that no doctor has been able to solve for me without the help of meds. All natural, this is a wonder cream. Will be picking up more of the cream and the roll on this weekend, can not be without it. Please, do not hesitate in purchasing this product, it works!

Grace S., Toronto, ON

I just started using your Tamanu Cream. It is amazing! The texture is creamy, luxurious and nourishing. I have skin that's on the sensitive side. The Tamanu Cream is non-irritating and highly moisturizing. Thank you!

Connie Hanlon

I just purchased the Tamanu cream on the weekend and I must say it's simply 'LUXURIOUS' on the face. Wow!!!! 

Judy R., Ottawa, ON

 I love your Tamanu Cream! 
For the past dozen years, I have been affected by Rosacea, a burning, red and unsightly facial rash triggered by heat sunshine, humidity, stress, spicy food, chocolate, and any strong emotion from embarassment to pride.
Prescription remedies have been of less than marginal help. But finding Earth to Body has made a huge difference in my life. I've been using many of your products for a few years and can't be without many of them. And I have really appreciated the helpful suggestions of your team members at various Craft Shows over the years.
But for me, the Tamanu Cream has been life changing - so calming and comforting and moisturizing on my face, it is reducing the impact of Rosacea, and providing a boost to my confidence and a balm to my spirit. 
Can't thank Earth to Body enough for making me comfortable in my own skin again!


I met you in the craft show in Vancouver and love your products, especially the X Cream.

Kara, Waterloo, ON

I LOVE this face cream - its my favourite Earth To Body product. It makes my face feel silky smooth when I put it on at night and bright and soft when I wake up in the morning. This is a product I value very much, you only need a little bit each time to make a real difference. Definitely recommend!!

Thank you for lovely review, Kara.  Tamanu is proving to be quite extraordinary!


Rich and luxurious cream. I have very sensitive skin which is constantly getting dried out, especially when the weather gets cold. This cream is fantastic at keeping your skin moisturised but without a hint of greasiness. I keep mine in the fridge and enjoy putting it on twice a day cold, very soothing. Great product which I will definitely buy again! Thanks Earth to Body!!

A heartfelt testimonial. Thank you!

Tracee Andrews

I have never used such wonderful skin care products! Hands down, Earth to Body are the best on the market. I'd absolutely die without the tamanu cream - it leaves my face smooth and glowing.
Thanks again, Tracee

Thank you, Tracee!

Jennifer, Nepean, OM

I am 65 and have spent many $ over the years to find a product like this. I love everything about these products and have turned all my girlfriends and husbands on to it. Thank you so much for creating it. Love the oils as they are light and not greasy and love the tamanu cream for everyday use. I am a walking add for this product. My skin has never felt better. Thank you so much. It is also very reasonably priced. I have paid over 100$ in the past for face creams. Will you be back to Ottawa soon? Please let me know if you do. Jen

Thank you, Jen. As soon as we know of the show openings, we shall post them. Thank you for a wonderful testimonial.

Brandy - Smiths Falls, Ontario

This cream feels beyond lovely on the skin. I use it at night on my skin that sees a lot of sun and by morning it feels completely rejuvenated. The smell is absolutely dreamy.

One of our best sellers. So glad you love the tamanu cream, Brandy.  Tamanu is truly a miracle.

Jane Eligh-Feryn

I've used these products for probably ten years.... I love them and would not use anything else. Whenever I do happen to use another product I always notice the strong chemical smell. These products are fresh, clean and do my skin so much good.... please always keep making them.

What a heart warming testimonial, Jane. Thank you for loving our products.

Vanessa, Florida

I have been using your products for 7+ years since discovering you at The One of a Kind show in Toronto. Now that I've relocated to Florida, I am still directing people here to your products. Thank you for for making the best and purest skin care.

Thank you, Vanessa.  We know you love the tamanu cream, as do many others!