Christy, toronto

My husband had itchy, red, painful eczema on his scalp. None of the prescription creams worked like the X pack products. His skin immediately felt better and in a few weeks the symptoms were gone. The X pack is naturally magical!

Thank you for this generous review, Christy. The X pack trio does work well together!

Stephanie, BC

I recently began using the x-cream to try and find something that would work on my dry cracking heals. I have tried so many things, but nothing really worked, until I used the x-cream. It is amazing! After years of really dry feet I am beginning to have smooth softer skin on them. This product has really been working for me. I ordered it along with the shampoo bar and the vinegar rinse and so I will be ordering this package again. Thank you.

Thank you for writing, Stephanie and for enjoying our X Pack!