NG, Hamilton

I have been using essential oils for many years, and both the frankincense and patchouli from Earth to Body are among the finest I have ever worked with. The oils are pure, clear, and of the highest quality, with deep layered scents, yet not overpowering: a nearly impossible balance to achieve.

Essential Oils are fairly new for us and we appreciate feedback from experts.  Thank you so much, NG.


I'm surprised there aren't numerous reviews on this product. This stuff is phenomenal. I mix/layer it with my tea tree oil, carrot seed oil, and my jojoba oil before using my moisturizer. I LOVE this stuff. I can literally slather this onto my face, no break outs. Just super soft, hydrated skin. Will never be without this product again. Makes my skin look and feel super clean and healthy!

Wow! Thank you, Sarah.