Mary P., ON

Just to let you know, this is the only soap/shampoo ESP bar that my husband now uses.He's been using it for over 2 years and his dandruff is completely gone and hair and body feels and looks good. Don't ever stop making this soap or go out of business!

Lynn G., ON

My husband loves this product and has used it now for 3 years. He asks me to order it for him. That says alot!

Montreal, QC

I am familiar with emu and am so excited to find it in a natural shampoo with all of these wonderful oils. Commercial shampoos contain so many chemicals that irritate my scalp. I suffer with psoriasis and find that this ESP shampoo helps wonder-fully with the scaling and itching. As an added bonus, my hair is thicker and fuller too!”

Granby, QC

I love it and so does my son. He always complained that his hair was dull,l mousey, lifeless and now, it seems to have come alive. We live in Granby where the water is hard and we can’t believe how your shampoo bar lathers!” 


I have tried so many awful smelling medicinal shampoos for my psoriasis over the years. Some helped and some made it worse but they all made my hair greasy and dirty looking. The ESP shampoo bar has helped my scalp so much and it leaves my hair looking great and so soft. I don’t even need conditioner when I use it. Thanks so much!

Lachine, QC

The shampoo bar is quite unbelievable. I can really feel and see a difference. The lather is so good I even shave with it. We have one in every bath in the house!

Madeline McNabb

I have been no-poo for over two years, just occasionally washing with either baking soda or rhassoul clay, always with apple cider vinegar rinse. My hair was okay, but never felt fully clean and didn't have much shine. I wanted to try something else, but it had to still be completely natural. I am so glad to have found Earth to Body's shampoo bars! I've only used it for three washings thus far, but my hair already feels so soft, clean, and healthy. I ordered other products in addition to the shampoo bar (ACV hair rinse, face toner, linen spray, face moisturizer, etc.) and am very happy with all of them. Thank you so much!

Much appreciated, Madeline!

Louise Breton, Québec


Kate, Toronto

This is the best shampoo for psoriasis! It really helps and I’ve noticed new hair growing!!! I will purchase this for life! Please don’t ever stop making this!

Thank you!  We promise!



Nicole Ottawa

My boyfriend absolutely loves this shampoo bar. He suffers from Saboric Dermatitis (similar to psoriasis) and says his hair is never better than when he is using this bar. It moisturizes his scalp and prevents itchiness and flaking. Great product!

Thank you!  So glad your boyfriend is experiencing a healthier scalp and hair.


Tammy Ottawa

I'm not one to write reviews but I'm so happy with the ESP bar! I have scalp psoriasis and this is the first natural product that has worked to keep the itch at bay and manage the scabs. I've since tossed my medicated shampoo and solely use this with the ACV rinse. Truly a life saver and I feel better knowing it's natural.

Thank you, Tammy. Great testimonial.  We are so happy you love the ESP and ACV!



Julie - Meadow Lake, SK

Hi, I was wondering if the palm oil you use for the shampoo bar is sustainable palm oil? It doesn't say on the ingredient list. I have not purchased this item yet, and would only do so, if you can confirm the use of sustainable farmed palm oil.
Thanks in advance,

Yes, it is .  We do explain on the website.
Even though we do buy only sustainable any new soaps we make will be palm oil free.  So far we have our charcoal and our moringa. 
Our shampoo bars have sustainable palm. Thank you for your concerns.


Morgan Bartlett

I struggled with bad breakouts on my scalp for a number of years. They would come and go and get worse when I wore my motorcycle helmet. I tried a number of things that didn't work but then read about the wonders of neem oil. After trying this shampoo bar and using pure neem oil on my scalp I was able to get rid of my breakouts. I use this twice daily. Lather up my head, leave it for about 5 minutes and then rinse. My scalp has been clear for a year now! Thank you for great products and customer service!

A clever combo, Morgan.  Neem oil itself can usually be purchased from a health food store (or here, telephone 1-877-414-1300).  You might also try rubbing our neem salve onto the scalp as an alternative to the pure oil. Thank you for sharing.

Julie Parker

Met you at the Vancouver Craft fair! Impressive products! Thank you for the tour! I tried your shampoo bar. Wow! Best bar soap! A little produced amazing suds and left my hair squeaky clean and best of all - super manageable! Love the scent too! Can’t wait to try your other products!

And you came back for more! We remember commenting on how great your hair looked. Long hair sometimes takes a transition time. Good to hear your loved it from the start.  Thank you so much for writing, Julie