i Love the Skin Manager. The combination of emu and neem oil works great on break outs, they clear up fast with no skin irritation that drugstore products can cause.

Pointe Claire, Quebec

My daughter has had skin problems for years. Nothing worked until we tried the Earth To Body Skin Manager and Emu-neem soap. She would wash with the soap and apply the skin manager on the dry areas. In less than a week her skin had improved remarkably. I have never seen her so excited.

Annie, Ottawa

I've always had acne, and all the products I have tried in the past were either too harsh for my sensitive skin, or did nothing. The Skin Manager oil has made my skin almost blemish free. I'm so happy to finally have found a natural and gentle product that works! Thank you Earth to Body! Your products are amazing!

Thank you for writing, Annie. As part of our Skin Management program, the Skin Manager remains very popular!

Brittany, Ottawa Ontario

This has been the only product that I have used in the past 11 years I have been dealing with acne that has actually worked! I have very bad cystic acne and the moment I feel a sore spot on my face I put this stuff on it and within 24 hours it’s magically gone! Thank you so much for creating such a great product! I can’t recommend this enough !!  

We love your enthusiasm, Brittany!

Brittany, Ottawa

This has been the ONLY product to reduce, or completely eliminate my cystic acne! This was purchased for me about 5 years ago and I’m just running out now. Purchasing other products to see if I can now be acne free!!! Thank you so much for making the skin manager!!!! Honestly I cannot thank you enough...

Great testimonial, Brittany. We keep hearing 'miracle' stories on the skin manager!

Theresa, Toronto

This product clears up my breakouts without harsh chemicals. Would not be without it. Thank you Earth to Body, you do an amazing job.

Theresa, thank you!

Rebecca, H. Toronto

I am OBSESSED with the Skin Manager. Please please please DON’T EVER CHANGE the ingredients or cancel that product. PLEASE!!!! It works wonders every time for ANYTHING and everything, no exceptions.

Great testimonial, Rebecca.  Thank you! The black spruce in the formula rocks!!