Karen B., Comox Valley, BC

I have used the zinc oxide cream for three years for my practices and races while participating with my competitive dragon boat team on Vancouver Island.  With all the hours on the water, I have never suffered sunburn and have recommended this product to others on my team.  Both sons are active with outdoor activities and are now using this product as well.  It contains ingredients that we can recognize and provides excellent protection from the sun.

Erin F., Ottawa

We love your products. Our whole family uses them! Thank you for making such, safe, wonderful and natural products. We are also happy that they are made here in Canada.


I had a rash for years that I could not get rid of !  II had tried absolutely everything. Your zinc oxide cream did the trick. Thank you.

Kelly W. Toronto

I love the zinc oxide on my kids. It is such a natural and safe sun block and they never mind when I put it on them. They love it.

Risa, Toronto

I use this everywhere, even on my face. What I love is that it leaves a glow, it's not greasy at all! I use very little and it covers my whole face. the oils are great for it. finally a natural sunscreen that I love :)

Marnie, Comox, BC

I have used this product for 4 years on my 4 children and myself. We love it. Never have had a burn. My Mum bought a children's sunscreen in 2016 and took the grandkids for a holiday. That "children's" sunscreen ate all four of my kids goggles. How can that be good for the skin? My Mum now uses Earth to Body sunscreen. It does not eat goggles.

Thank you, Marnie.  We agree.  Goggle eating chemicals cannot be good for the skin!

Lina Chen

This is one of the two eczema creams which work for my daughter. It is not greasy. Most importantly, it works. We tried all drug store eczema cream, nothing works.

Feedback on the zinc oxide has been most positive, not only for the sun, but also for itchy skin conditions like eczema. Thank you for sharing, Lina.

Kaya Toronto

Excellent sunscreen ever! I have used so many mineral sunscreens but always make my acne come out, but this earth to body product make my skin smooth and comfortable! Definitely will buy again, please set a store in Toronto.

The ingredients in the zinc are wonderful on the skin and we thank you for writing!

Helen Breil

I love your products. I have Rosacea and I use your zinc oxide everyday to control it. I also love your pure argan oil which I also use on my face and sometimes on my hair. Great stuff!

Most interesting to hear that the zinc calms your rosacea. Thank you for sharing, Helen.

Danette Niefer - Medicine Hat

I have been buying your zinc cream and I love it. I use as an antiperspirant, heals my hives, helps my rosacea, and works as a barrier for any skin problem and helps heal my skin. Because of Covid my husband has to wear gloves at work and they we bothering his skin. Making his hands itch and get sore. I suggested he try the zinc cream on his hands. It worked!! He never forgets to put it on now and has since shared it with people he works with. I also use the cream on my scar as when I sweat from heat it hurts and if I put the cream on where ever I need , it is a barrier that really helps. I always keep on hand as I never want to run out! Thanks for making such a useful cream!

Thank you so much, Danette for the testimonial. Zinc is amazing!

Maria Britto

I use this product and many of your products daily. I just love that they are natural, hand made and made in Canada. The zinc oxide is incredible. We travel a lot and this product is perfect for the hotter climates. I also love the non greasy glow it leaves under my make up. I now use the moisturizer and love it. I have also passed on the zinc oxide to my grandkids.

Would love if you could develop a facial scrub and a 30 day travel kit!!
Then I will have a complete regime daily even while travelling.

Thank you for the incredible products.

Wonderful testimonial, Maria. Thank you. We do have the Manitouka Scrub. Very popular when used gently on the face!  A travel kit is on our to do list :)

Holly, Chemainus

Tried the tube of Zinc Oxide cream for the first time, I was looking for a replacement for commercial sunscreen. I love it, works great on my arms & legs and I use it on my face even though it is a bit greasy but the oils in it are wonderful for my skin and I find the protection to be excellent. My "sun spots" have not darkened at all this summer, even in this heat wave we are having at the moment. Love it!

Thank you, Holly, for taking the time to write. You will find many uses for it!

Sarah M.

Bought some lotion on the boardwalk at Harrison hot springs in bc years ago. Absolutely love using the zinc lotion on my kids for sunscreen. There really isn't anything else out there like it.

Most refreshing, Sarah!

Brandy - Smiths Falls, Ontario

This container of amazingness has been a frequent multi-purpose for our family. We live on a farm and have 4 kids, so it has cleared up many things from diaper rash, bug bites, skin irritation from plants and used as sun screen. We love it and will always keep this product stocked up!

Zinc does do wonderful things.  Thank you, Brandy.

Nancy, ontario

this is the very best ! my skin is sensitive to things on the market...... this is the only sunscreen I use and it is the best.

Thank you Nancy. Our zinc blend is very gentle and soothing on the skin.