I could say the best thing about working for Earth to Body is the family atmosphere, wonderful staff, flexible hours and constant accolades for my work. But not today. Today, I am feeling materialistic and slightly vain and oh so grateful for their decadent products. Nothing beats Earth to Body.

The smooth silky texture, the perfectly mild scents, the luscious feel on my skin, my hair, my lips, my feet. I am in love with all of it, but today I will focus on my favs and give you a run through of my daily routine. Here is what I could NOT live without.


On my lips: Emu Lip Balm all day every day.

In the Bath: Dead Sea Salts or Himalayan Rock Crystals. Neem Oil and/or Soothing Oil.

In the Shower: Nori Soap for an exuberant scrubbing or Charcoal Soap for a soft luscious feel.

Hair: Shampoo bar, or ESP, and once a week I apply Argan Oil and rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar.

After Shower: Argan oil on my face. Facial Toner all over. I spray the Deodorant Stone with the Facial Toner and apply to underarms.

My face before bed: Wash with Emu Soap and apply emu oil.

Dry Hands: X-Cream. LOVE IT!

Achy Feet: Foot Cream. YUM. Neem Salve. OH YA.


If I was on a deserted island and could only choose one thing. That would be easy. Emu Oil. Emu oil is the cure all, end all of everything skin related. It heals, repairs, moisturizes and soothes. You can drench your body inside and out. It’s nutritional benefits are miraculous and there’s nothing it can’t do. It’s good for cuts, bruises, sprains, injuries, and with two boys in the house, it’s an absolute MUST HAVE.

Thanks for reading. What are YOUR favs?



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