Roxanne, SK
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The nori neem soap is great for shaving my legs.  I don't rub the soap directly on my face because of the pumice sand, but I gently apply the lather.  it keeps my skin clear. It is now my favorite soap!

Diane Farrell
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Hi, I have been using your shampoo, facial soap, moisturizer etc. over the past few years and have been very satisfied. I do need more moisture in the shampoo due to age. Recently, I have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and need to know if there is any gluten, oats, wheat, barley or other products that may be harmful to my disease. I am not happy with my diagnosis and am at the mercy of the producers of all products to let me know if their product does contain these ingredients. If by chance they don't- which would be great, I'm sure if you send info to the Canadian Celiac Foundation they would be grateful in knowing and would publish your business, that you have a product that will help 1:100-200 people of our society. I would also appreciate any knowledge in the ingredients that may affect my illness in your product. This is, unfortunately becoming a problem that is more common than not!! Please inform me.
Note from Earth to Body,Diane,
Skin care products containing oatmeal should not affect your disease. There is no gluten in Oatmeal. (The concern is that the oatmeal may have been processed around other grains containing gluten and that is the reason people are cautious.)
We have 3 products containing organic oatmeal.
- emu-neem soap
- clay-neem mask
- nori plus soap
We do not use gluten or wheat germ, and several health consultants I queried agreed that any oatmeal soap can be very soothing on itchy skin (which you may have) and since it is NOT ingested in the gut, it will not affect you. I have a friend with Celiac who was only diagnosed in his 20’s (his teen years were a nightmare). He now lives a healthy, gluten free life and weight has never been an issue...lucky guy! Having a name for an illness is the first you have control.
I wish you the best,
Earth to Body


MG, Dorval, QC
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Earth To Body's Manitouka Scrub is wonderfully exfoliating. I 'glow' after I use it. I love the all natural ingredients, without the parabens and chemical preservatives so often found in other scrubs.”

Sonia, Toronto, ON
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I used to have bad dandruff and itchy scalp. Since switching to your shampoo bar and vinegar rinse my scalp has cleared up and my hair looks great.

Cornwall, ON
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My sister suggested that my teenage son try the mist on his acne prone skin. When she read about the natural ingredients she explained that it would definitely help cleanse and tonify the skin. My toner suddenly disappeared and so did my son’s acne!”

Candy Clancy, Bolton, ON
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Hello, I would like to give a testimonial to the benefit of Clay Neem for RINGWORM. We had 2 kittens that were covered in ringworm. Employing a Wood's Lamp you could identify the fungus all over them as it appeared a neon green colour. Mixing the Clay Neem with pure fresh squeezed lime juice we made a paste. We coated both kittens with the mud paste and let it sit for 20 minutes. We then rinsed it off. Again we examined the kittens for ringworm fungus using the Wood's lamp and found the colour dulled down significantly. We repeated the procedure daily and within 3 days the Ringworm had disappeared and their coats grew back in perfectly. Our veterinarian, Dr. Kerr was amazed! Thank you Earth to Body for your great product.

Grace S., Toronto, ON
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I just started using your Tamanu Cream. It is amazing! The texture is creamy, luxurious and nourishing. I have skin that's on the sensitive side. The Tamanu Cream is non-irritating and highly moisturizing. Thank you!

Susan, Oakville, ON
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This is the first cream that has really worked for both myself and my daughter. We love it in conjunction with the Dead Sea Salt Spa bath and feel that our skin is much softer.

Calgary, AB
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 I love the fresh smelling scent of the lemongrass, and so does my daughter. My husband prefers the Bergamot so we always order both. Thank you for making all natural deodorants that really do work.

B. Dryhurst, Qualicum Beach, BC
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I want to let you know how happy I feel using your products. I especially like the 'Revitalizing Eye Oil'.  In addition to the benefits you describe, this oil contains sea buckthorn, which gives the oil noticeable healing properties for skin blemishes and wounds -wonderful! The fact that your products are made in and sold from Canada is icing on the cake! Thank-you.

Sandra M.
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I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and best wishes to you and yours for the New Year. It was great to see you guys in Halifax again this year. I must report that I gave the baby product kit to a friend of mine for Christmas. She has a year and a half old who had had a red bum for more than a month. Not a total rash but clearly irritated. Well in two nights of using the neem cream the redness is gone and everyone is happier. Keep up the good work and you've got another faithful client - well until she's toilet trained. Thanks for keeping the faith with such green and helpful products.

R. W. Port Hope, ON
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I've visited the therapeutic Springs in Manitou, Saskachewan and I love the fact that Earth To Body is using Canadian Salts. My skin has never been so clear and healthy looking.”

Pointe-Claire, QC
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« Ce vinaigre de cidre de pommes est merveilleux! Ma chevelure n’a jamais été si douce et si soyeuse! »

Nanaimo, BC
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I love Earth To Body’s facial toner. I bought one 4 months ago, use it twice a day and I still have some left. It is a great buy and my skin welcomes it!”

Finnegan's market, Hudson, Quebec
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I'm back for more soap! I bought one of your emu-neem soap bars and I love it. I'm not sure if it is the emu or the neem or the avocado, but the blend works for me. My problem skin loves it.

Erin F., Ottawa
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We love your products. Our whole family uses them! Thank you for making such, safe, wonderful and natural products. We are also happy that they are made here in Canada.

Windsor, ON
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I have tried so many creams but my skin is still dry and itchy. However, Earth To Body’s X cream immediately relieved the dry itchiness. It feels soothing on my skin.

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I love, love, love your emu oil and moisturizer! I struggle with very sensitive skin! Redness, Burning and swelling - not with your emu oil products. These products make my skin feel nourished and cared for! I now have my beautiful manly hubby hooked!

Shirin, BC
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It is wonderful to find such a natural Canadian made product. I love the purity of this eye oil and the fact that the ingredients have been selected especially for those difficult eye and mouth lines!  It absorbs beautifully too.

Vancouver, BC
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I can't believe how gentle and soothing the Neem Salve is on my Jordon's diaper rash. Thank you.