Nicole, Thunder Bay, ON 
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Hey Earth To Body Team!
The Tamanu cream is unbelievable! Nothing moisturizes my skin better! I have wood heat and find my skin becomes dryer than normal in the winter months. My theory is Tamanu Cream by day and Emu Oil by night! My skin definitely glows and shows the benefits of these amazing products!
I was at my local supplement store two weeks ago and a staff member gave me the nicest compliment I have ever received. She said to me Everytime you walk in and I see you, I think to myself there is the girl with the perfect skin wow!! I was definitely not expecting that! Caring for my skin and body has always been very important to me.
This wonderful compliment deserves to be passed along to you as well. So Thank you ;)
Yours in Health

K.C.  Ailsa Craig, ON
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I visited your booth and purchased a soap bar and emu oil for my husband’s ingrown hairs on his face. This is the only thing that he has tried that has worked, and he has tried several different things for years !!  I am also going to try the eye oil and the moisturizing cream, as I believe in using products without harmful substances.  You have wonderful products !!

A.G. Calgary
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I had an awful canker sore in my mouth for a quite a few days I used the mouth freshener and it was healed in two days. The unique flavour took a bit getting used too and now I love it!  I swear by the freshener for overall mouth/gum health and I have not had a canker sore since I use it daily.

SM. Markham, ON
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BTW i want to mention how happy i am with your products i purchased previously.  I have two daughters 3 yrs and 6 months.  the older one has eczema and is itching constantly.  I ordered the baby soap, argon oil, shampoo bar and massage oil.  The shampoo bar is amazing, her hair has never looked better, where as before everything i used would dry out her fine hair.  She feels much better with her eczema because of her soap and argon oil.  And because she is doing much better i started using them for the younger one too.  Thank you for simple and chemical free products. 

Karen B., Comox Valley, BC
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I have used the zinc oxide cream for three years for my practices and races while participating with my competitive dragon boat team on Vancouver Island.  With all the hours on the water, I have never suffered sunburn and have recommended this product to others on my team.  Both sons are active with outdoor activities and are now using this product as well.  It contains ingredients that we can recognize and provides excellent protection from the sun.

Risa C, Toronto
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I just wanted to say I love your new tooth cleanser.  I've used a different clay based cleaner before but this one out does it.  Please don't ever discontinue!

Beverly B., BC
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I am delighted with the Soothing Oil as it definitely works on what was my painful knee and now is so much better ( to say nothing about soft, smooth skin, which is not how one usually describes knees). I  have passed on the info. My friend, Teri, from Toronto is a fan and now a customer of yours.

Amber, Calgary 
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I love the tooth cleanser!! I have found that my problem areas where plaque that has been built up has slowly disappeared.  My gum health feels better & slowly my teeth are getting whiter.  Also I no longer get that 'fuzzy' feeling on my teeth half way through the day. A few extra steps that are well worth it!

AV, Campbell River, BC
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I first purchased one of your products about a year ago from the Circle Craft Market in Vancouver, and this past summer purchased a few more at the Filberg Festival in Comox. I love them. They are all fantastic.
I recently purchased the Limited Edition Tamanu Argan …I have to tell you that I have been using it since Monday and it is wonderful - love it!! My skin feels very soft - thank you for creating this delightful product! Sincerely

 Cornwall, ON
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My boyfriend’s hands suffer from eczema outbreaks. We both love the natural ingredients in your X cream. When his hands feel dry, he applies the cream and finds amazing relief. Cornwall, ON

Barb J., ON
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I love your wonderful x-cream. I cleared up a rash I used to get every winter, and as long as I keep using it the rash has never come back. My doctor said it was a combination of exema and acne. I also love using the cream around my eyes, it is not too greasy but keeps them nicely soft. It is a great and much needed part of my daily routine!!

Vancouver BC 
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I love waking up to the Nori Neem Soap. It's a wonderful exfoliant that wakes up my skin in the morning. It feels great!

Mark, AB
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I have terrible arthritic pain in my hands. I rub the soothing oil on throughly every two days. It helps unbelievably well.

KC, Saskatoon, SK
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There are many baby products on the market but I have yet to find one as natural as yours. Babies do not benefit from the chemically filled creams and lotions out there. The purity of these organic products is what appealed to me. I rest assured that my baby’s skin is healthy. Thank you for being so natural.

Jennifer R., Ottawa
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The ESP shampoo bar has pretty much stopped the itchy scalp that I was discussing with your wife at the Craft fair in Dec 2010. The vinegar has been a great help for the itch as well, makes the hair smell so nice & feel so soft. Thank you so much.

Jenny F.
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I wanted to thank you for spending so much time with me on the telephone about your great products back in the summer. I love all the products that I had ordered and received. The item that I am the most impressed with is your facial toner. I have NEVER found any toner to work so well to tone and tighten my pores, especially on my nose. I have tried numerous products over the years and nothing even compares to the amazing results I have received from your toner. Even my esthetician noticed that my skin looked clearer and more toned. It smells so nice, is very grounding and is so effective with no harsh ingredients! Yes please go ahead and include my comments on your website if you wish.

Toronto, ON
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I have acne prone skin. This is the best mask I have ever used, and believe me I have tried many on the market. I generally use it as a facial, but my daughter contacted poison ivy while camping and I added a few tablespoons to her bath water. It was wonderfully soothing on her itchy skin. Thank you.

M.G., Scarbourough, ON
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I had been having a ton of problems with my scalp--hair falling, dry, itchy scalp, dandruff, you name it--and nothing helped, not even expensive prescription shampoos! There was a kiosk at the Ex, and I saw the two soaps and thought I'd give them a try. I can tell you, these bars are the best product I have EVER used on my hair, bar none (pardon the pun). My hair has never been fuller, and my scalp has never been healthier, plus my thinning areas have filled in. I will never use another product on my hair. I bought the original two bars in August, and it's already the end of January, and there is still afair bit of them left--so they are very economical too.

Susan Wardle (on facebook)
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For anybody with eczema, I cannot recommend enough the X Cream! The stuff is amazing!

Judy R., Ottawa, ON
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 I love your Tamanu Cream! 
For the past dozen years, I have been affected by Rosacea, a burning, red and unsightly facial rash triggered by heat sunshine, humidity, stress, spicy food, chocolate, and any strong emotion from embarassment to pride.
Prescription remedies have been of less than marginal help. But finding Earth to Body has made a huge difference in my life. I've been using many of your products for a few years and can't be without many of them. And I have really appreciated the helpful suggestions of your team members at various Craft Shows over the years.
But for me, the Tamanu Cream has been life changing - so calming and comforting and moisturizing on my face, it is reducing the impact of Rosacea, and providing a boost to my confidence and a balm to my spirit. 
Can't thank Earth to Body enough for making me comfortable in my own skin again!