Maxine Vancouver

Woke up on christmas and my eczema was bleeding and so sore I could barely move. I got it in my stocking and started using it that day and within two days my skin is back to normal almost completely eczema free. Cannot recommend this enough. It saved me. 

Thank you for sharing, Maxine. Our X cream is very popular for soothing the skin.  


This stuff is amazing! Noticed a big difference right away in diminishing dark circles and making the eyes look less tired. Thanks for another amazing product earth to body!

Hi Mal, Thank you for taking the time to write!  So glad you like it.

Domenic M

Been a customer for 15 years now and can't say enough of their products. It's not enough to avoid foods and go on diets, what about from the outside in? The lip balm is the best on the market as well as all their products in each category. 

Domenic, thank you for such a glowing testimonial.  We truly appreciate your customer loyalty and taking the time to share.


Mihaela Cristina

Really loved this shampoo bar, I have very thick and long hair... gets oily in the summer and dry in winter. I felt like it cleansed really well, had a moisturizing feel to it too so it did not overdry my hair. And definetly no residue in this soap. I will be trying more products from you, it was nice to see you at the Studio Fair in Prince George and glad I discovered your store.

Thank you, Mihaela
A wonderful testimonial. So glad you liked it.

Ash, Toronto

This is a great mask for purifying my skin! I've had a lot of issues with acne in the past year or so, and this is my go to when I need to control my breakouts. Oil cleansing before and after using this product is helpful since I have combo skin and it can leave my skin feeling a little tight. No unpleasant tingling or itching sensation either. Reasonably prices as well considering how long it lasts!

We do have great reviews on our mask.  Thank you for taking the time to share, Ash.  It can be fun to add other nutrients honey, or strawberries, or lemon, or avocado. Have fun!

Joe Cordiano

Suffering from eczema on my fingers for over a year. Skin was severely cracking, flaking, horrible patches. Tried many natural products (unrefined shea butter, aloe, coconut oil, beeswax). Sadly, nothing was working. Been using Earth to Body “x cream & shampoo bar ESP” for 2 weeks. The improvement is unbelievable, it’s 80% better. Also been applying apple cider vinegar diluted with water, as you recommended. Cannot thank you enough. It’s healed so much in such a short period of time. Will continue using it & will buy more of your products. I’ve sent your web link to friends, who also suffer from eczema.

Thank you for taking the time to share with everyone, Joe.  We are so pleased our products are helping you.


Nicole McPhail

I just bought this Linen Spray from the CNE in Toronto this afternoon and I am already obsessed with it. I originally bought it for my sister for her birthday but I am slowly debating if I should just keep it for myself. I might have to order a second one now for her. It has a great smell and it makes you feel very relaxed.

Sweet! I remember you, Nicole. Hard decisions:)
Thank you writing.


Kara, Waterloo, ON

I LOVE this face cream - its my favourite Earth To Body product. It makes my face feel silky smooth when I put it on at night and bright and soft when I wake up in the morning. This is a product I value very much, you only need a little bit each time to make a real difference. Definitely recommend!!

Thank you for lovely review, Kara.  Tamanu is proving to be quite extraordinary!

Nicole Ottawa

My boyfriend absolutely loves this shampoo bar. He suffers from Saboric Dermatitis (similar to psoriasis) and says his hair is never better than when he is using this bar. It moisturizes his scalp and prevents itchiness and flaking. Great product!

Thank you!  So glad your boyfriend is experiencing a healthier scalp and hair.


Gloria & Bill

We first heard about The Neem tree from our friends in Barbados and the benefits of Neem Oil etc. - So when we saw this product at a Garden Show - we thought - let's give it a try!! It is awesome and REALLY works to prevent insect bites - don't go outside without it. It is not greasy - and has a nice smell to it. Many thanks for this product!

And we know you feel safe wearing it!  Thank you so much, Gloria and Bill


I saw a YouTube review that mentioned a bergamot scent but I so not see it, is it available?

Unfortunately ,we no longer carry the bergamot.  Perhaps you might like to try the very popular lemongrass anti-odour bar.  It has always been a best seller.  Thank you for the inquiry, Piratehetty​




Our 90 year old mom had chemotherapy 3 years ago and developed numbness in her fingers. She began using soothing oil every night and has now regained feeling in her fingers. She swears by this product!

Thank you, Lynne.  So happy for your mom to find some relief.



Just ordered the bar shampoo, love the smell and it works wonderfully on my girls, but on me my long hair feels waxy and wet. Is this a transition faze or am I doing something wrong? I really want this bar to replace all the other shampoos and conditioners I buy. I tried rinsing with your apple cider conditioner. No help, will this get better?

Yes, it will get better, Genine.  When this happens it is generally because too much soap lather is being used. The  key is to use very little. Rinse well and continue using the apple cider vinegar once or twice a week. It may take a little practice, but the results will be worth it.  Please do keep us posted.

Steph reddeer Alberta

Love it my fav lip balm just ran out so getting more love this company

Sweet! Thank you, Steph!



I was very interested in buying this or another of your shampoo bars but am quite dismayed that you use palm oil in many of your products. I thought that your company was Earth-friendly. Palm oil farming is responsible for deforestation and the loss of natural habitat in Indonesia and other countries. You should stop using it and find an alternative.Hi Debbie, 

Debbie, we hear you and appreciate your concerns. We have discontinued using palm oil in any new formulations. While we source sustainable palm oil for use in our original recipes, we are in the process of seeking suitable alternatives for those products.  For soap selection, our Castile Moringa soap and our Charcoal Clay soap are palm oil free.


I am very disappointed in this product. It leaves your hair feeling waxy and tangled.

Hi Angelina,

Shampoo bars can be tricky, especially as very little soap is needed, unlike liquids.  Depending on the hair itself, and the length of the hair, too much soap can leave it feeling heavy.  One needs to experiment if this happens.  Any excess residue can be removed with an apple cider vinegar rinse which is also a great detangler.
Please do call us for a refund.  Absolutely no problem.  Please do enjoy the bar as soap instead.

Marnie, Comox, BC

I have used this product for 4 years on my 4 children and myself. We love it. Never have had a burn. My Mum bought a children's sunscreen in 2016 and took the grandkids for a holiday. That "children's" sunscreen ate all four of my kids goggles. How can that be good for the skin? My Mum now uses Earth to Body sunscreen. It does not eat goggles.

Thank you, Marnie.  We agree.  Goggle eating chemicals cannot be good for the skin!

Kate, Toronto

This is the best shampoo for psoriasis! It really helps and I’ve noticed new hair growing!!! I will purchase this for life! Please don’t ever stop making this!

Thank you!  We promise!



Rebecca, Ontario CA

I absolutely love this stuff! My hair feels great. Definitely will be buying more of this before I run out of my shampoo bar!

We love to hear good feedback.  Thank you, Rebecca

Sudbury ON

Just tried this spray doing my laundry. Added a few drops into the softener dispenser and a few sprays into the dryer. It took away that stale smell of linens that sit too long in your closets.

A great idea! Thank you.