E. Bell

I like the EMU Lip Balm very much and have been using it for many years.

Thank you so much!  The emu lip balm has been a winner.

Arthur Medina, Calgary

As an old rule in chemistry says: "The same, dissolves the same". There is something about animal fats, that plant-based oils cannot do. This product is what anyone with an oily face has to buy. It will make you feel really clean and free.

A profound observation. Thank you, Arthur. Emu oil is unsurpassed.

Helen Breil

I love your products. I have Rosacea and I use your zinc oxide everyday to control it. I also love your pure argan oil which I also use on my face and sometimes on my hair. Great stuff!

Most interesting to hear that the zinc calms your rosacea. Thank you for sharing, Helen.

NG, Hamilton

I have been using essential oils for many years, and both the frankincense and patchouli from Earth to Body are among the finest I have ever worked with. The oils are pure, clear, and of the highest quality, with deep layered scents, yet not overpowering: a nearly impossible balance to achieve. The patchouli, in particular, is quite delicate.

Essential Oils are fairly new for us and we appreciate feedback from experts.  Thank you so much, NG

NG, Hamilton

I have been using essential oils for many years, and both the frankincense and patchouli from Earth to Body are among the finest I have ever worked with. The oils are pure, clear, and of the highest quality, with deep layered scents, yet not overpowering: a nearly impossible balance to achieve.

Essential Oils are fairly new for us and we appreciate feedback from experts.  Thank you so much, NG.

Brittany, Ottawa Ontario

This has been the only product that I have used in the past 11 years I have been dealing with acne that has actually worked! I have very bad cystic acne and the moment I feel a sore spot on my face I put this stuff on it and within 24 hours it’s magically gone! Thank you so much for creating such a great product! I can’t recommend this enough !!  

We love your enthusiasm, Brittany!


Brilliant product--healing, soothing, emollient --just the best.

We are so happy you discovered the unrefined emu! Thank you, Francie.

Bonnie - Kitchener, Ontario

I discovered Earth to Body - Soothing Oil several years ago at an Arts & Craft Festival. I have had issues with both knees for several years & the oil was amazing, especially for night-time relief.
Recently, I shattered my femur & have undergone surgery. The Soothing Oil is now helping me with the aches & sore muscles that have arisen since the surgery. Have just re-ordered two more bottles.
It is a staple in my house! Thank you!! 

We are so happy the soothing oil is working for you. Thank you for taking the time to share.

David Williams

I didn't like it it made my hair dry and stringy.

You tried, David.  Thank you. A shampoo bar is a different experience and it can take practice. Some like it immediately, others trial and error for several washes.  You need very little lather.  Most often people use too much.  The apple cider vinegar and shampoo combo work well together.  Our advise is to try again as you will end up loving it. We do hope you like it as a soap bar, though!

Chris, ON

Works well on horses as well! I use it on wounds for both healing and for helping fur grow back. It keeps bugs off the wounds and with the oils, it stays on better than 'SWAT', while being natural and safe. Would highly recommend it.

At the Calgary Stampede many horse lovers discovered our neem salve.  Thank you for the reminder, Chris.

Chris, ON

 LOVE the neem body bar! I use it on myself as well as on horses to keep flies and mosquitos off, especially when riding. It's easy to put on their face and it works better than fly spray! I ordered more so I don't have to share the one with horse hair. Thanks for coming out with this product!!

Chris, you rock! Thanks and hugs to your horses too!

Kaya Toronto

Excellent sunscreen ever! I have used so many mineral sunscreens but always make my acne come out, but this earth to body product make my skin smooth and comfortable! Definitely will buy again, please set a store in Toronto.

The ingredients in the zinc are wonderful on the skin and we thank you for writing!

sharon shields

This lip balm has got to be the most creamy, NON waxy feeling luxury balm my lips have ever used! Thank you so much for sending! I am in LOVE with it! I put it on at bed time and my lips still feel soothed by morning. Absolutely the PERFECT mix of ingredients here! Thank you!

Sharon, we love your passion!

Desiree Leach

I had been wanting to try a shampoo bar for a while and decided to grab an Earth to Body shampoo bar at a craft sale.....I also got the hair rinse.....after a couple of days my hair had so much more body and others noticed! Once I ran out of the bar I decided I would just buy one locally, I have tried a few but the others seem to just dry my hair. These will now be the only shampoo bars I order. Also I was very skeptical of the Hair Rinse....the thought of putting Apple Cider Vinegar in my hair....hahaha.....but love it.....so happy I talked to the Earth to Body folks at the sale! All around an amazing combination for my hair. I can not wait for my order to get here!

A great combo for sure.  Thank you so much, Desiree.

CNH Montreal,Qc.

I stop by your store a few times a year and always get great advice and service. I experimented with your Lavender Linen Spray and added 5 drops of your Lemongrass Essential Oil to the spray.We used it as a repellent while on Holidays..... Fabulous!

Thank you for the feedback, 'CNH'. So much better than using the chemicals.  Thank you for sharing with our customers.

Becky, Toronto, ON

I used this salve for both my kids, neither ever had a diaper rash and I’m sure this product was why. I’m pregnant with my third and will be ordering again soon!

Thank you, Becky. Congratulations on your third...kudos to you!

Carol in Calgary

I purchased my shampoo bar at a Christmas craft show December 2018. I bought it because I shudder every time I throw another plastic shampoo tube into the garbage. This came wrapped in only a paper sleeve, so bonus points there! As I had a full bottle of shampoo on hand, I stuffed the bar in the cupboard. I am going to be heading out on a vacation soon, as some travel hints suggest bringing shampoo in bar form rather than liquid, so I thought I would take it for a test run before I packed it. I double-washed my hair, and put on my normal leave-in conditioner. My hair was amazingly full of knots, which as it dried, became even more pronounced. I've never had that before. In addition, the shampoo left my hair feeling waxy and prone to getting tangled. I had to rewash it the next day, as I just couldn't stand it. Don't know if I did something wrong, but I wouldn't buy this again, based on performance.

You were smart to try it first.  Don’t give up, Carol.  You need very little suds.  One wash is plenty and an apple cider vinegar rinse might work best as a conditioner, rather than the leave-in conditioner. Transition from shampoo to bar can take a little time, depending on individual differences. Please contact us if you like a refund. No problem.  

Desiree Latour at Toronto

More than review one particular product, I'd like to say Earth to Body is a gem. Not only are their products including the tamanu oil of exceptional quality but also is their customer service. They genuinely care about their customers and about high standards of quality more than profits.
Last time I bought tamanu oil, emu oil, tamanu face cream sheamu butter, shampoo bar and soap and both me and my mother are happy about the results. Thank you very much Earth to Body.

Smiles all around, Desiree!


The best cream ever for eczema hands down.

Love it.  Thank you, Rowena.


I was injured a few years ago and lost most of the skin on my upper arm--the pain was terrible and everything made it worse. Then a doctor applied a thick coating of emu oil and gauze --to be left on for 1o days. When the bandages came off it was smooth, unscarred baby skin. I'm using Earth to Body emu oil now on a scarring skin condition (related to psoriasis) and within one day it has made such a difference--softening and soothing redness, itching, inflammation.It is an almost miraculous product. Would love to be able to use all over as body lotion, if it were not quite so expensive. What about a subscription program--with discount for one or two large bottles each month?

Colin, how fortunate to have had a doctor so aware of emu oil's miraculous properties. I wish we could accommodate a subscription program, but we are a very small company and the large emu oil is already at a 45% discount. Continue to use the pure oil where needed and then for an all over body lotion we suggest our Sheamu butter, a blend of organic shea and unrefined emu oil.  It lasts months and you will be more than pleased with the results.