Brandy - Smiths Falls, Ontario

This bar has been awesome after a full day on the farm (equipment repair and weeding especially). Our hands are usually dried, cracked and saturated with many things. Skin is exfoliated nicely and skin rejuvenated after use, ready for the next day.

Our nori neem soap is a cleansing must for hard workers. Thank you for a great testimonial, Brandy

Brandy - Smiths Falls, Ontario

This cream feels beyond lovely on the skin. I use it at night on my skin that sees a lot of sun and by morning it feels completely rejuvenated. The smell is absolutely dreamy.

One of our best sellers. So glad you love the tamanu cream, Brandy.  Tamanu is truly a miracle.

Brandy - Smiths Falls, Ontario

This salve is absolutely wonderful! Being on a farm, we wear work boots all year round, so our feet require a little extra care. This product trumps any foot powder or ointment as treatment and has been a great preventative measure. Plus I love the smell!

Today, more and more people do love the smell of neem.  Perhaps it is the earthiness. A 'go to' for the feet for sure.

Brandy - Smiths Falls, Ontario

This container of amazingness has been a frequent multi-purpose for our family. We live on a farm and have 4 kids, so it has cleared up many things from diaper rash, bug bites, skin irritation from plants and used as sun screen. We love it and will always keep this product stocked up!

Zinc does do wonderful things.  Thank you, Brandy.

C Holly Warren

Bought the ESP shampoo bar for my husband, he had occasional problems with flakes plus some psoriasis on his hands, thought we could kill two birds with one soap! He hasn't tried it yet but I started using the shampoo and was blown away by it. I have fine, limp hair that usually needs washing every day. With the ESP shampoo bar I easily get 2 days of lustrous hair with body. Unbelievable!

Wow...such a great testimonial, C.  With your enthusiasm we hope your husband becomes a convert too. Tell him that we stand behind our soaps...if he is not happy, just tell us :)

Jennifer, Nepean, OM

I am 65 and have spent many $ over the years to find a product like this. I love everything about these products and have turned all my girlfriends and husbands on to it. Thank you so much for creating it. Love the oils as they are light and not greasy and love the tamanu cream for everyday use. I am a walking add for this product. My skin has never felt better. Thank you so much. It is also very reasonably priced. I have paid over 100$ in the past for face creams. Will you be back to Ottawa soon? Please let me know if you do. Jen

Thank you, Jen. As soon as we know of the show openings, we shall post them. Thank you for a wonderful testimonial.

Sarah M.

Bought some lotion on the boardwalk at Harrison hot springs in bc years ago. Absolutely love using the zinc lotion on my kids for sunscreen. There really isn't anything else out there like it.

Most refreshing, Sarah!


I was lucky enough to see this store and I went inside. I bought the shampoo/soap bar and am hooked. My skin is so soft. I can’t wait to wash my hair with it. I’ll be back to buy a bar for a friend. She will love it too. The owner is so nice and helpful.

Thank you, Maria. So glad you are enjoying the shampoo/soap bar!

Cheryl Campbell

I've been using your Emu oil for over 15 years. First for menopausal acne. Then for sunburns, rashes and now for when I remove my face mask. I get contact dermatitis from my mask and it is very painful. Nothing helps but your Emu oil!! My kids have been using it too for their own acne. Great stuff for sure.

Thank you, Cheryl, yes, unrefined emu is  definitely a 'go to'! We did write an article on 'Emu Against Maskne' for all our front line workers who have to wear the mask for hours on end. Since, you have told me that you are an occasional wearer but still suffer. Emu to the rescue.

Cheryl Campbell

I've used this Emu lip balm for at least 15 years! Won't buy any other kind. Keep up the good work. 

Aww...a great testimonial. Much appreciated, Cheryl

Carol, Mississauga, ON

We have been using your products for many years, especially the
shampoo bar ESP soap. I began using it instead of shampoo every day and so far my hair feels good. I like it because it is pure, not toxic.
Stay safe, missing you at the CNE another year. 

Thank you, Carol. So glad you like the ESP, one of our best sellers!  To the next CNE (Canadian Exhibition in Toronto, ON, Canada)

Holly, Chemainus

Tried the tube of Zinc Oxide cream for the first time, I was looking for a replacement for commercial sunscreen. I love it, works great on my arms & legs and I use it on my face even though it is a bit greasy but the oils in it are wonderful for my skin and I find the protection to be excellent. My "sun spots" have not darkened at all this summer, even in this heat wave we are having at the moment. Love it!

Thank you, Holly, for taking the time to write. You will find many uses for it!

Xavier & Leonora Paes

I have just started using this oil and it has left me totally astonished. I have an injury to one of the finger bones in my right hand and recently noticed a painful little bump. I remembered that I had this oil and decided to use it. To my astonishment after two days the bump disappeared completely and the inflammation in the finger joint is much reduced. I also tried it on a bit of stubborn irritation on my eyelids and it not only does not burn, it instantly soothes it and keeps it from itching.
My only wish is that it should be made available in the spray version like the Spoil Me Oil (which is another favourite of mine) so that not a drop is wasted.

Great testimonial. Thank you. We do receive lots of love on the soothing oil, as the name suggests :)  So happy it has worked for you! The recipe does not spray well...but it is on our to-do list to try to find alternate methods. Some people do enjoy the massage, but I know that a spray can be great too.

Iz- Brossard

I have EXTREMELY cracked the point where I have sores. I have been using this cream for 3 days now, and I’m almost healed. The ingredients in this fight against athlete’s foot. A lot of people mistake dry cracked heels for dry skin. Please use this cream. It is Amazing 

Thank you, Iz. Our cream does have some amazing ingredients, neem being a star. So glad your feet are happy.

Karen Coldwater Ontario

What a wonderful cream for dry hands especially when you work in a profession like nursing with all the hand washing and sanitizing use in a day. I always started my day with using it on my hands and after the work day. When my coworkers tried it my container seemed to get empty awful fast so I am glad that you came out with the larger container. It also is great to put on your hands after working out in the gardens.

Thank you, Karen for loving our X cream.  And please extend our thanks to your team!

Karen Coldwater, Ontario

I first used the Soothing oil when we were at a craft sale in Gravenhurst and we stopped to view the display when my sister asked if they had anything that would help the fibromyalgia pain. They asked if we had 15 mins and could give this oil a try. So I tried it on my left knee as I had had pain continuously in that knee for over a year. After 15 -20 minutes the pain had decreased greatly, by an hour later the pain was gone. I am so glad I took the time to try this wonderful oil. May I also say it was suggested I use twice a day and make sure you feel the "sand" on your fingers when applying as that means it is mixed enough.
To this day I turn to soothing oil at the first sign of fibromyalgia pain to nip it before it starts the get bad. I used it twice a day regularly to my knee for about 6 months and that constant pain was gone and has not returned. In my opinion this oil is the best pain relieving product on the market. I always have 2 bottles ahead in the fridge and every member of my family keeps a bottle in the fridge as well.
Earth and Body you were a life saver and I recommend people try it especially people who suffer the awful pain associated with fibromyalgia. If there were 10 stars I would certainly give this product all of them.

Wow.. a 10 no less! Thank you for the accolades. We do receive great feedback on this blend. Mush appreciated, Karen


In addition to working wonders on diaper rash, this product has been AMAZING for cradle cap! My 6-week old baby had thick cradle cap in her eyebrows, and after putting Baby Neem Salve on her eyebrows 2 evenings, it was 90% GONE!

She still had a strange condition on her forehead, nose and eyelids with tiny bumps and very dry, crusty, flaky skin. The nurse said it was baby acne, but with the crusty flakiness, it looked like something else to me. I decided to try Baby Neem on this, too, given our success with cradle cap. After 3 days of using Baby Neem after wiping down with a warm, damp cloth, her skin has cleared up amazingly! I actually can't believe how well it has worked!

And if she does get a diaper rash, it's because we forgot to use Baby Neem on her bum. It only takes one application of Baby Neem, and the next time we open her diaper, no matter how wet/soiled it is, her tush has cleared right up and looks perfect.

Thanks so much for making such an amazing product, and my only request is that you sell it in a larger tub!

Kristen, we are thrilled you and your baby love the salve. Neem is a miracle. We keep it small due to shelf is so pure and gentle. Thank you for a great review.

Judith Feurer

Please add a small empty bottle and dropper.

With pleasure, Judith. So so glad you love this quality oil.  Thank you for the 5 stars. 

Christy V

My 2 year old niece and my husband had painful eczema that even prescription creams didn't help. Xcream and apple cider vinegar baths have almost completely cleared up both skins.
My husband doesn't even need reminders to use Xcream as it works so well!

Wonderful news, Christy, both for the little one and for your husband. We hope they are using a real soap bar too! Thank you for writing.

MartDonna D

My 6 year old dog has been a challenge for us because she has had such an itchy hide! She is on Apoquel medication, AND homemade dog food! I had given up bathing her; her extra scratching would carry on for days! When I received my shampoo soap from you, I got up my nerve and bathed her. It was so easy to use, dissolves easily onto the dog; easier to handle with wet hands than squeezing a tube of expensive special shampoo from the Vet. I rinsed her as well with diluted apple cider vinegar and enjoyed having a sparkling clean pooch with soft wavy shiny hair—and NO scratching! My rating is a 5 out of 5, not only for her, but my own hair! love it !Thank you for producing so many wonderful, chemical free products. I will be reordering the tooth cleaner as well. and also love the Spoil-me body oil.

Thank you, Donna. So happy for your dog too! We discovered the combo after our dog got skunked. Fresh as a daisy!