I have tried a lot of different face lotions. I have avoided wearing face makeup or coverup for years because it would quickly be absorbed and my face would look SO scaly. After a few days of using this product, I was astonished when nothing happened when I put face makeup on!!! Oh, and the product smells AMAZING (very subtle smell). Will definitely be purchasing this product again!

Thank you so much! We make it fresh to sell, Hannah. If you use it daily it should be fine for a few months, but if you wish to keep it longer, the fridge is best!!!

Elizabeth, H. ON

!0 years ago I had to have a surgery on my thumb. The only cream that I was applying on the incision was your Sheamu butter. The wound healed amazingly fast and now you cannot even see the scar on my hand. 

The combination of emu and shea is truly a remarkable blend. Thank you for sharing, Elizabeth


Elizabeth H., ON

I love your products. The lip balm is amazing, I use it daily - especially in the cold weather - and it protects and moisturizes the lips. Thank you.

Maria Britto

I use this product and many of your products daily. I just love that they are natural, hand made and made in Canada. The zinc oxide is incredible. We travel a lot and this product is perfect for the hotter climates. I also love the non greasy glow it leaves under my make up. I now use the moisturizer and love it. I have also passed on the zinc oxide to my grandkids.

Would love if you could develop a facial scrub and a 30 day travel kit!!
Then I will have a complete regime daily even while travelling.

Thank you for the incredible products.

Wonderful testimonial, Maria. Thank you. We do have the Manitouka Scrub. Very popular when used gently on the face!  A travel kit is on our to do list :)


I am obsessed with this shampoo!! I have tried other natural shampoo products and none have made my hair feel as smooth, silky, and healthy as this product has. I received this shampoo as a gift this Christmas and had no expectations when first trying it, seeing as I had never used one of these products before. It will now be my go-to shampoo!

So glad you love it, Hannah. It is one of our best sellers. As an all-over one- stop shop!

Sally, Camrose AB

I have used tooth cleanser for a little over two months every day and my husband said omg your teeth are so white! He just noticed today! I will be using this product going forward. Love it!

How refreshing! Thank you, Sally


Ashley. Ontario, Canada

I discovered Earth to Body at the Ex in Toronto years ago and have been using the Skin Manager ever since. This time I splurged and got the Soothing Oil as well as a few other gems to try out. I’ve had terrible knee and foot pain since giving birth 6 months ago and I put the soothing oil on ONCE and the pain was almost cut in half. Can’t wait to keep applying this to see the outcome!

Ashley, so glad you are feeling a difference.  managing with a good oil blend can definitely make a huge difference. Thank you!



I just wanted to tell you how much I love your products and appreciate what you guys do. I’ve been a faithful customer for many years now. But I was reminded how much I love your products when I got a terrible rash on my neck and no matter what I tried it wouldn’t go away or even got worse… Until I thought to try your shargan butter. It practically fixed it overnight. I’m ordering more today :). This experience has also reminded me of when I was using your emu oil and sheamu butter when I was pregnant (both times I had nearly 10 pound babies!!) and I swear I don’t have a single stretch mark on my stomach and I attribute it completely to your products. Thank you so much and please don’t stop doing what you do!!

Thank you for writing such a heartfelt testimonial, Steph

Tracee Andrews

I have never used such wonderful skin care products! Hands down, Earth to Body are the best on the market. I'd absolutely die without the tamanu cream - it leaves my face smooth and glowing.
Thanks again, Tracee

Thank you, Tracee!

Asuman, Montreal

I remember the first time I bought this emu oil from Winners and my daughter who is now 10 years old, finished it up. Then she insisted for another one. I couldn’t find this product in any store and finally found it here. This is my 3rd bottle and I think it is just amazing. Every night, me and my daughter using this emu oil as moisturizer for our face. You know what, I quit using any other cosmetics and now only use this emu oil. It is safe, natural and really works very well. I have really dry skin but since I started to use this emu oil my skin is just perfect and more healthy looking. Imagine I am 51 years old and I dont need any other product for my face. I believe it works for wrinkles too if you use it long time like me (It is just my opinion) Me and my daughter love this.

You are not dreaming, Asuman, emu does help reduce appearance of wrinkles! Thank you for taking the time to write.  So glad you and your daughter have discovered the miracles of unrefined emu oil.


What are the ingredients? It doesn't say???

Tracy, the ingredient is listed : Unrefined emu oil.  That is only the one. 

Theresa, Toronto

This product clears up my breakouts without harsh chemicals. Would not be without it. Thank you Earth to Body, you do an amazing job.

Theresa, thank you!

Claire from Vaughan

I ordered 3 soap dishes & each one is different and beautiful. A very functional soap holder that will fit with any classic style.

Thank you, Claire for writing. We love Ian's work and find them a lovely complement to our soaps.

Karen Farley

I have been using this on my face exclusively for 5 years now. The most effective moisturizer I have ever used ... particularly during our harsh canadian winters. I don't even break out anymore.
Unrefined emu oil is a miracle.  So glad you are enjoying it, Karen.

Karen Farley

Absolutely love this product. My daughter and I are fighting over the emu lip balm!
Thank you Karen and daughter!


Janet Ball

I have been using this lip balm for over 15 years and I have never found a lip balm that is as good and I love the natural products.
Thank you, Janet. 



My skin has never felt more moisturized! I wasn't sure if the oil would cause break outs or leave my skin to oily throughout the day, but that is simply not the case! My makeup also goes on beautifully with a layer of emu oil underneath. Highly recommend for anyone battling the cooler dry air. 

So glad you like the emu, Rebecca. The cooler, dry air will be with us for awhile, but guaranteed you will also love it next summer.  Thank you for sharing.



Melanie, Nelson BC

 I am blown away by this Rosemary Essential Oil! I didn't expect to like it so much, I thought it would make me feel like cooking lamb, but nope. I feel like bathing in it. It has a hint of a Eucalyptus spa feel, and a je-ne-sais-quoi. I am not surprised at the high quality, because all of your oils are top notch... but I am hooked on this Rosemary! Thank you for adding it to your beautiful collection.

Thank you so much, Melanie. We have been hearing this, but you write it so beautifully.

Nancy Browne 47315 Extrom Road Chilliwack British Columbia

I have ordered from you before and love all the products.

Thank you, Nancy. Our skin care moisturizer continues to be extremely popular...so glad you love it.

Lesley Toronto

I forgot to add to my review of this product: it is a phenomenal “lubricant”!!! Safe... long lasting... comfortable, pleasant smell!!! Much better than mass produced gloppy, sticky, messy, smelly products. My partner thinks it is a MIRACLE! My girlfriends who are going / gone through menopause that were using drugs & hormones, have happily replaced all that “crap” with this natural wonderful product!

Emu is versatile for sure :) Our daughter recently had her baby with her midwife and was required to provide an oil for spritzing during delivery. It was emu, of course. Thank you, Lesley