Karen Farley

Absolutely love this product. My daughter and I are fighting over the emu lip balm!

Thank you Karen and daughter!

Janet Ball

I have been using this lip balm for over 15 years and I have never found a lip balm that is as good and I love the natural products.

Thank you, Janet. 


My skin has never felt more moisturized! I wasn't sure if the oil would cause break outs or leave my skin to oily throughout the day, but that is simply not the case! My makeup also goes on beautifully with a layer of emu oil underneath. Highly recommend for anyone battling the cooler dry air.

So glad you like the emu, Rebecca. The cooler, dry air will be with us for awhile, but guaranteed you will also love it next summer.  Thank you for sharing.

Melanie, Nelson BC

 I am blown away by this Rosemary Essential Oil! I didn't expect to like it so much, I thought it would make me feel like cooking lamb, but nope. I feel like bathing in it. It has a hint of a Eucalyptus spa feel, and a je-ne-sais-quoi. I am not surprised at the high quality, because all of your oils are top notch... but I am hooked on this Rosemary! Thank you for adding it to your beautiful collection.

Thank you so much, Melanie. We have been hearing this, but you write it so beautifully.

Nancy Browne 47315 Extrom Road Chilliwack British Columbia

I have ordered from you before and love all the products.

Thank you, Nancy. Our skin care moisturizer continues to be extremely popular...so glad you love it.

Lesley Toronto

I forgot to add to my review of this product: it is a phenomenal “lubricant”!!! Safe... long lasting... comfortable, pleasant smell!!! Much better than mass produced gloppy, sticky, messy, smelly products. My partner thinks it is a MIRACLE! My girlfriends who are going / gone through menopause that were using drugs & hormones, have happily replaced all that “crap” with this natural wonderful product!

Emu is versatile for sure :) Our daughter recently had her baby with her midwife and was required to provide an oil for spritzing during delivery. It was emu, of course. Thank you, Lesley.

Lesley Toronto

I absolutely love this product. As a weight lifter with hemorrhoids that only come back due to my work outs, I apply a dollop of this product on my hemorrhoid both overnight & after showers or swimming. It controls the swelling & itch like NO OTHER PRODUCT EVER!!! It has successfully replaced all other products that did NOTHING! And it works beautifully in all other parts of your body.

The unrefined emu and organically gown unrefined shea are at their highest in nutrition, as you have discovered. Thank you for sharing, Lesley.

Lesley Toronto

I will NEVER buy another mass produced bar of soap ever again! This product is beyond amazing. You wash & your skin feels moist, supple & rejuvenated.
I normally purchase high cost face pump products used for sensitive face skin. This product replaces those expensive lines. I just love how easy it is to use & how incredibly well it works. I resisted using bar soaps on my face. Not anymore. LOVE this product!

There is unfortunately a campaign vs bar soaps. But as you have discovered, a homemade REAL bar soap (not a detergent one) can be amazing.  Thank you, Lesley.


This is the MOST AMAZING product I have ever used. With a pre cancerous skin condition this emu oil has successfully replaced Betamethasone Valerate which is an extremely potent & almost toxic drug.
Emu oil controls itch, pain, blistering; it rejuvenates & softens & makes my skin look & feel awesome. I use it everyday everywhere. It is safe enough to use on my eyelids which suffer every fall from dry hot conditions that make my eyelids swell & itch like crazy. I used to rip my eyelids apart with my nails in my sleep. Not anymore after using this incredible product. I also lift weights & suffer from hemorrhoids. Doctors refuse to remove them as I just create more with weight lifting. This product is miraculous in managing the swelling but more importantly the itching. I feel SO lucky to have found a pure high quality product that is consistently excellent. I have friends who’ve purchased emu oils which are not up to the standard of this brand. Thank you for successfully changing my life!

Wow...thank you, Lesley. we are smiling with you.
The unrefined emu is extraordinary and yes there are different qualities out there. So glad you found us!

Christy, toronto

My husband had itchy, red, painful eczema on his scalp. None of the prescription creams worked like the X pack products. His skin immediately felt better and in a few weeks the symptoms were gone. The X pack is naturally magical!

Thank you for this generous review, Christy. The X pack trio does work well together!

M., Toronto

I have severe itchiness on my fingers, hands, and wrists. I've been using this cream for about a week now and it isn't working for me. It only provides temporary relief, but the itch comes back pretty quickly. Your lip balms are the best, though.

Hi M, 
The cream works best if used in conjunction with pure soaps. It is a challenge during these times because of the necessity to use strong sanitizers.
Your shampoos and other products that your hands touch will also make a difference. Might I suggest that you give us a call?


Well, I've only used this twice so far, but wow! It thoroughly cleans out my pores, removes all tiny comedones, leaving my face super clean in a way that my daily use of my clarisonic cannot do. My cat is terrified of me when it's on my face, but it's a great product and I would urge everyone to give this one a try. Will definitely buy again!

Cats are most observant!  We actually just sold some of the clay neem to a customer whose cats have ringworm. I am sure when bathed they too might be a little shocked, but they also will love the results.  Thank you, Sarah!​


I'm surprised there aren't numerous reviews on this product. This stuff is phenomenal. I mix/layer it with my tea tree oil, carrot seed oil, and my jojoba oil before using my moisturizer. I LOVE this stuff. I can literally slather this onto my face, no break outs. Just super soft, hydrated skin. Will never be without this product again. Makes my skin look and feel super clean and healthy!

Wow! Thank you, Sarah.


Love your products but was disappointed with this one. Ordered the large jar, it was only 2/3rds full. Definitely not the 120ml as listed. Will continue to buy other products but won't be buying this one again. It's a good product but not worth the $64.00.

That is disappointing. I do not know what happened.  All the creams are hand poured and maybe an error was made.
We do apologize.  I will send you a replacement cream to make up for the difference that was missing.  It is a an excellent cream, but not if you were shorted.
Sarah replied: Wow, thank you Martha.  I didn't expect that.  Your products are fantastic,  I've purchased quite a bit from you in the last couple of weeks because of that fact.  It would seem that your company's customer service is equally awesome,  Thanks so much! 

Danette Niefer - Medicine Hat

I have been buying your zinc cream and I love it. I use as an antiperspirant, heals my hives, helps my rosacea, and works as a barrier for any skin problem and helps heal my skin. Because of Covid my husband has to wear gloves at work and they we bothering his skin. Making his hands itch and get sore. I suggested he try the zinc cream on his hands. It worked!! He never forgets to put it on now and has since shared it with people he works with. I also use the cream on my scar as when I sweat from heat it hurts and if I put the cream on where ever I need , it is a barrier that really helps. I always keep on hand as I never want to run out! Thanks for making such a useful cream!

Thank you so much, Danette for the testimonial. Zinc is amazing!

Katie E from Vancouver

I've suffered with super dry, sensitive skin my whole life. Finding a moisturizer that actually works has been pretty much futile until I took a chance and bought this product at a craft show. I figured "Well, here goes more money down the drain on a product that will sit in my cupboard...." but it WORKED! Love it! I use it on everything - face, hands, eyebrows...and one application is enough to last for hours and hours. My face doesn't get irritated or break out as it used to with other products. No more itchy, flaky skin on this girl ;)

Thank you, Katie!

Vanda, Toronto

I need a body wash or soap to get rid of my feminine itching. What do you recommend?

Vanda, a good soap like the one you have chosen, apple cider vinegar baths and emu oil.


I bought this a while ago and never tried it as I had my reservations. I have run out of shampoo and am avoiding going out due to COVID. I finally tried the shampoo bar and the product is fantastic, my hair feels fuller, thicker and has more body. I am very impressed and will continue using this for my hair.

So glad it works for you, Kat! Thank you.

Marge Handford

This will be the first time I have tried this product

Marge, please do contact us if you are unhappy with a product or if you have queries.  We can always refund you.

Sabrina Saer Blanco

This product is incredibleeeeeeee. It makes my skin baby butt smooth and it honestly looks clearer than ever!!!! I've been applying this moisturizer after Earth to Body's toner in the morning, and I re-apply it throughout the day honestly because I just love how it feels on my skin, not because I need to :)
It keeps you moisturized and plump all day long!!! No dry spots whatsoever, just pure dewyness. I even put it on my eyebrows, eyelashes and lips. Amazing :):):):)

We love your spirit, Sabrina. Thank you!